CallTrackingMetrics Enhances Zoom Integration and Launches LeadReactor

By Stefania Viscusi November 20, 2023

Conversation analytics company CallTrackingMetrics has announced an update to its Zoom integration and has introduced a new product:


These announcements represent a move to empower businesses with advanced tools for communication analytics and lead management, designed to streamline and automate processes. Not only will this save time and enhance productivity, but also provide a more personalized experience for their customers and prospects.

With the updated Zoom integration users can seamlessly view Zoom calls alongside other communication channels such as phone calls, chats, texts and forms directly within the CallTrackingMetrics dashboard. It also provides a unified platform for organization, report generation, and leveraging AI-powered tools like CTM (News - Alert)'s AskAI. With immediate access to intelligent insights following meetings, businesses can make more informed decisions.

LeadReactor, a powerful outbound calling solution, works to maximize agent productivity by automating calls in the background so agents don't have to manually dial numbers that may result in voicemails, dead air, and hang-ups. It connects a live person to an agent only when the call is answered. It also allows for personalized voicemail messages, enhancing the overall customer experience, and when combined with AskAI and ChatAI, businesses can sift through large volumes of data, qualify leads, and automate workflows.

"Updating our Zoom integration and introducing LeadReactor represents a significant step forward in our mission to provide businesses with the tools they need to have more effective customer communications," said Todd Fisher, CEO and co-founder at CallTrackingMetrics. "These new features will help businesses save time and money while improving the customer experience."

Edited by Alex Passett
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