Symmetrium Introduces Solution to Secure IM and SMS, Minimize Corporate Risks

By Stefania Viscusi November 16, 2023

Symmetrium, a zero-trust mobile data governance and security platform, introduced a solution to address the increasing risk of cyberattacks through messaging apps. The instant messaging and SMS data protection solution aims to counter the vulnerabilities that hackers exploit using phishing texts in an aim to infiltrate data systems which then increases the risk of ransomware and other threats.

With Symmetrium's solution, which integrates with existing email security tools, a virtual mobile device is deployed within the organization's network to provide users with dedicated work mobile numbers that are unique identifiers and that eliminate corporate security and compliance risks when using IM.

It also offers protection against SMS phishing, or smishing, by scanning every message and integrating email security tools before delivery to the end user. This helps prevent fraud and the dissemination of fraudulent links.

In addition to addressing the rising threat of cyberattacks through messaging apps, the new offering also mitigates compliance risks. It does this by capturing and storing all work-related messaging via an agentless IM and SMS archive. This provides peace of mind for organizations when it comes to meeting regulatory data requirements. To make this possible, the Symmetrium platform enables Virtual Mobile Devices to act as secure extensions of organizational security and compliance policies when accessed by employees via their mobile phones. Users get a native mobile experience that is seamless and still completely secure.

"The rapid rise of corporate IM and SMS usage has made it far more challenging for businesses to ensure corporate IT security and preserve electronic communications for regulatory purposes," said Omer Cohen, founder and CEO of Symmetrium. "We solve these two challenges by delivering a native mobile experience for end users while allowing organizations to deploy a minimal resource allocation solution, which eliminates the need for costly device management solutions."

Edited by Greg Tavarez
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