Ribbon's IP Wave Solutions Chosen by Empire Access to Reinforce Network Expansion

By Greg Tavarez August 25, 2023

Ribbon Communications stands at the forefront of modernizing networks to enhance competitiveness and foster better business outcomes in today's data-driven landscape. In achieving that stature, Ribbon has crafted an end-to-end solutions portfolio that not only defies limits but also sets new benchmarks in terms of scalability, performance, and agility.

The company's offerings span from software-centric solutions that span the spectrum from core to edge, to cloud-native platforms that harness the power of the cloud (that are fortified by security measures and analytics tools). Particularly noteworthy is Ribbon's prowess in the realm of IP and optical networking solutions, a critical underpinning of the burgeoning 5G infrastructure.

Reading more about Ribbon, it becomes evident why customers and partners place their trust in its capabilities. A recent case in point is Empire Access, which is extending its network using Ribbon's IP Optical solutions.

Empire Access is a prominent telecommunications company that specializes in delivering advanced communication and networking solutions with a focus on providing high-speed internet, phone services and digital TV.

Now, Empire Access is leveraging Ribbon's NPT IP Routing and Apollo Optical Transport solutions, part of the company's comprehensive IP Wave portfolio, as well as its MUSE Domain Orchestration application.

The IP Wave Portfolio addresses the challenges of communication networks, particularly in the realms of IP and optical networking. From high-capacity IP/MPLS routers and carrier-grade Ethernet solutions to packet optical transport and network management tools, the portfolio covers a wide spectrum of technologies crucial for efficient data transmission, seamless connectivity and network optimization.

Neptune, or NPT, is powered by Ribbon's IP Wave rNOS, tailored to enhance the NPT XDR and AR WAN router portfolio. This integration brings forth a unified array of features and technologies, encompassing diverse routing methodologies like IP/MPLS, MPLS-TP, segment routing, RSVP-TE, and FlexE. This collaborative synergy supports a wide spectrum of services, from Ethernet and Layer 2 VPN to Layer 3 VPN, EVPN, Circuit emulation, and XGS-PON, all fortified with advanced fault management and performance capabilities, cementing Neptune's position as a transformative solution at the forefront of networking innovation.

Apollo offers a comprehensive range of capabilities, catering to diverse networking needs. It delivers high-performance optical connections of up to 1.2T, maximizing channel capacities to their theoretical thresholds, while also providing cost-efficient, power-optimized 400G links. The solutions are unified by their employment of scalable, pay-as-you-grow pluggable interfaces.  At its core, Apollo prioritizes user-friendliness in deployment and management. Its openness is highlighted by control interfaces that facilitate its integration into disaggregated, multivendor ecosystems, embodying a forward-looking approach to networking environments.

Muse is a modular suite of applications that lets you get the most out of an organization’s network, to create and turn up new services rapidly and to ensure the network is optimized, available and running at peak efficiency. Powered by a carrier-grade PaaS, Muse delivers real-time control over a programmable network infrastructure and automates the service and network operations life cycles – providing users with access to just the applications they need.

So, what exactly does this mean for Empire access? They get the enhanced broadband capacities that they wanted. On top of that, the quick implementation strategy allows them to promptly deliver improved broadband options to their customers.

"Ribbon continues to be the right partner for us," said Joe Gottwald, Vice President of Network Operations, Empire Access. "We have long been a customer for their voice services, and they were able to offer us the right solutions at the right price.”

Edited by Alex Passett
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