T-Mobile Slices Competition with New Network Slicing Beta for Developers

By Alex Passett August 16, 2023

Let’s talk about network slicing real quick, as it’s the crux of the latest from T-Mobile (News - Alert).

As the amount of data that’s required to manage and monitor utility grids escalates, so too do concerns over how much infrastructure upgrades will continue to cost. Thus, network slicing is an alternative. Basically, network slicing partitions a physical network into multiple virtual networks. Utilities can then customize these for various use cases. It’s like a tailor-made chunk of network, strategically optimized bandwidth allocation-wise so businesses’ unique operating needs can be met. Moreover, a software-defined network slicing architecture allows operators “to establish logical networks that run on top of the physical 5G infrastructure, boosting overall responsiveness and reliability.”

That last quote?

You guessed it. It’s from T-Mobile.

T-Mobile has officially launched its 5G network slicing beta for developers so they can “supercharge their video calling applications with the power of 5G SA.” (SA being the standalone architecture.) This hugely impacts video calling applications; with a newly customized network slice, developers can test such applications that require reliable uplink and downlink speeds (plus lower latency and that aforementioned real-time responsiveness).

Why is this important? Well, consider how data traffic on the latest video calling apps has increased dramatically since the COVID-19 pandemic, for example. A surge like that – i.e. toward hybrid and remote work, where video calling is highly utilized – means staying connected is more important than ever.

Ulf Ewaldsson, T-Mobile's President of Technology, expressed enthusiasm. “Thanks to our nationwide 5G SA network, T-Mobile is the only operator in the country capable of unlocking this technology so developers can immediately begin creating applications that can one day provide tangible benefits to wireless users everywhere.”

As part of this beta, T-Mobile is inviting developers to do what Ewaldsson described; to build new or create better versions of their applications in order to further optimize the right network conditions.

T-Mobile’s network slicing beta is available today for iOS developers in Seattle and San Francisco, and is expected to expand nationwide (and to Android (News - Alert)) later this year as device manufacturers adopt the slicing capabilities available on Android OS. Any video calling app developers can sign up for the beta here, and those in the greater Seattle area can also join T-Mobile engineers at the 5G Hub to test and validate this capability live. They’ll be among developers from Dialpad Ai, Google, Webex by Cisco (News - Alert), Zoom Video Communications, Inc. and more.

Overall, T-Mobile lauded prowess in the 5G space – already well-known – continues to eclipse competitors. This network slicing venture is another building block for T-Mobile as they work to ensure developers’ technical limits are only their imaginations, rather than undue network constraints.

Edited by Greg Tavarez
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