Great Plains Communications Charges Network Performance with Ciena

By Greg Tavarez May 15, 2023

Telecom providers face the ongoing challenge of meeting an increasing demand for bandwidth from their customers. Think about it. Businesses rely on robust network infrastructure to support their operations, while consumers increasingly rely on high-speed connectivity for various applications. In such a landscape, telecom providers play a key role in bridging the connectivity gap.

Great Plains Communications (GPC), a telecommunications provider in the Midwest, recognizes the need to continuously improve its network to address this demand.

To achieve this, GPC chose to deploy Ciena's Coherent Routing solution and WaveLogic 5 Nano, WL5n, technology. This strategic move aims to enhance GPC's network capacity, reliability and resiliency, enabling it to adapt to the evolving bandwidth requirements of its business, carrier and residential clientele.

With a diverse portfolio of products and services, Ciena has a reputation for its commitment to delivering exceptional performance, scalability and reliability.

Ciena's Coherent Routing solution combines coherent optics technology with intelligent routing capabilities, offering a comprehensive solution for telecom providers to enhance their network performance. By leveraging advanced modulation techniques and digital signal processing, coherent optics maximizes data capacity and transmission distances, resulting in faster and more reliable network connectivity. The integration of coherent optics with routing functionality allows for dynamic wavelength routing, optimizing network resources and improving overall network efficiency.

Coherent Routing enables higher data capacity, enhances network resiliency and reliability and provides scalability and flexibility for telecom providers to meet the growing demand for bandwidth-intensive applications and support emerging technologies like 5G.

“With Ciena’s innovative Coherent Routing solution, GPC can support voracious network demand and shifting traffic patterns, fulfilling the needs of its business and residential customers with new in-demand, high-bandwidth services for 5G, cloud connect and more,” said Kevin Sheehan, Chief Technology Officer of the Americas, Ciena.

On the other hand, Ciena's WL5n is an advanced optical technology that enhances network capacity and performance. It utilizes advanced modulation techniques and digital signal processing to optimize optical transmission, enabling higher data rates, greater capacity and longer reach.

WL5n's compact form factor allows for easy integration into existing network equipment, providing scalability and future-proofing capabilities without extensive infrastructure upgrades. It supports coherent pluggable optics, enabling flexible and modular deployment while ensuring networks can adapt to evolving requirements and emerging technologies.

By leveraging Ciena's Coherent Routing solution and WL5n technology, GPC enhances its network capacity, reliability and resiliency. This means that businesses leverage faster and more reliable connectivity for their operations, carriers can meet the increasing demand for data transfer, and residential customers enjoy seamless streaming, gaming and other high-bandwidth applications.

“We strive to continuously improve our network to meet rising bandwidth demands with greater scalability and agility,” said Tony Thakur, Chief Technology Officer, Great Plains Communications. “GPC is committed to providing a customer experience that meets or exceeds the changing needs and expectations of our customers, and Ciena’s coherent routing, switching and optical technology plays a key role in this.”

In an era where technology advancements and data consumption are skyrocketing, GPC understands the significance of scalability and agility in its network infrastructure. By implementing Ciena's coherent routing, switching and optical technology, GPC provides better customer experiences that surpass the changing expectations of its diverse customer base.

Edited by Alex Passett
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