Next-Generation Communication Unleashed: Windstream Enterprise Transforms VoIP with Azure

By Greg Tavarez May 11, 2023

The hyper-connected business landscape seen today makes failproof and reliable voice and data solutions indispensable. Why? The answer is simple. They facilitate effective communication, seamless information exchange, support remote work, enhance customer support, ensure business continuity, enable scalability and flexibility and prioritize security. Investing in robust voice and data solutions is essential for businesses to thrive in this interconnected digital age.

With that, Windstream Enterprise recognizes that voice solutions evolved beyond legacy access technology. Traditional methods such as time division multiplexing, DS1 and DS3 Access and copper-based services like plain old telephone services no longer meet the requirements of modern business communications and the need for seamless remote collaboration.

With Windstream (News - Alert) Enterprise's Dynamic IP, businesses effortlessly scale their communications with minimal infrastructure investment. As a managed service, Dynamic IP is fully operated and maintained by Windstream Enterprise (News - Alert), with a dedicated team of technology experts providing strategic planning, design, and round-the-clock support.

In a recent move that represents the latest in a series of investments made by Windstream Enterprise to bolster the value of its cloud-based communication services for customers, Windstream Enterprise announced the successful migration of its VoIP platform to Microsoft's Azure for Operators clustered Call Feature Server.

In collaboration with Microsoft (News - Alert), this expansion builds upon Windstream Enterprise's Dynamic IP solution, a versatile VoIP platform that supports multiple call paths, including analog, SIP turning, and PRI. By leveraging existing network infrastructure with flexible bandwidth, customers ensure multiple levels of redundancy, enabling their businesses to operate smoothly without unplanned downtime caused by network outages, human or system errors or cyber threats.

Furthermore, the solution seamlessly integrates with Windstream Enterprise's WE Connect customer portal, offering clients a single-pane-of-glass view to self-manage their network, communication needs and assets.

“With this move to the Microsoft Azure for Operators VoIP platform, we are ensuring customers are on the most advanced, leading-edge technology so they can unlock their own revenue and profitability potential," said Art Nichols, Chief Technology Officer of Windstream Enterprise. "This investment is about giving our customers the technology, support, and constant innovation they must have to drive their businesses forward."

Windstream Enterprise customers are already benefiting from the seamless integration between Azure for Operators offerings and Windstream Enterprise, enabling them to collaborate effortlessly across voice and data solutions.

With the migration to Microsoft Azure for Operators, Windstream Enterprise reinforces its position as a trusted partner in delivering technology solutions, such as its VoIP solutions as well as its SASE and SSE cybersecurity offerings used by various industries.

"Cloud-ready voice and data integrations are essential for almost all businesses operating in our hybrid workplace and always-on world," said Austin Herrington, Vice President of Product Management at Windstream Enterprise. "By partnering with technology providers like Microsoft, we help our customers shed burdensome legacy technology and continue moving toward their goals."

Edited by Alex Passett
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