Fast, Private, and Safe: Opera Browser is Adding Free VPN Coverage to All Platforms

By Alex Passett April 13, 2023

Earlier this month, I covered Opera-related news regarding the integration of ChatGPT into its browsers. This AI-powered feature was described by Joanna Czajka, Opera’s Product Director, as “a game-changer for web browsing.” It’s true, but it seems that (with respect to game-changing features), they aren’t limited solely to AI functions. Not under Opera’s roof.

Take news that broke just yesterday, for instance; Opera officially announced another extension for its Opera and OperaGX browsers.

Only this time, it’s about security. Specifically, VPNs.

iOS users and enjoyers of Opera’s browser capabilities are likely to rejoice, given that free VPN services are now available* for Opera Browser on iOS. It can be found here on the App Store. (*Editor’s note, it is currently available for early-access users and select other Opera and OperaGX users, but not to worry. The full rollout is expected within the coming weeks. Simply check in the browser’s settings to see if it’s available at this time.)

This is also significant browser-impacting news for more than those with iOS, as this makes Opera the first-ever web browser to offer a free, built-in VPN across all major platforms; iOS, Android (News - Alert), Windows, Mac, and Linux.

For any in need of a refresher, VPNs are becoming increasingly essential in today’s world, given that emergent technologies are often co-opted for malicious purposes. With a reliable VPN, the challenge of staying private online becomes more resolvable. While unsecure networks are far more vulnerable to threats (and actual attacks) from bad actors (attacks that can compromise sensitive personal data and even mass data collection services, at large), VPNs protect one’s identity and browsing activities from the undue presence of prying eyes.

For Opera, this free VPN requires no subscription, no logging into an account and enduring a flurry of steps to activate, and no additional extensions, either. Opera and OperaGX users simply need to toggle a switch located in the main menu, and the VPN then encrypts traffic and hides users’ IP addresses, ensuring anonymity. (As I was writing this, given I’m a satisfied OperaGX user, myself, I literally enabled this setting in a grand total of about five seconds. It’s that easy.)

"Opera has always been known for its unique feature sets,” said Jørgen Arnesen, EVP Mobile at Opera. “We’ve garnered multiple feature design awards while affording our users unparalleled speed and security in their browsing experiences. We have a built-in ad blocker, intelligent tracking prevention, cryptojacking protection, smart bookmarks and other upgrades, and now our free VPN service completes packages for users’ protections. We are very proud to bring this VPN to all major platforms for the first time, and our commitment to online safety and privacy will only grow stronger from here.”

Edited by Greg Tavarez
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