AT&T and ServiceNow Answer Call to Address Network Inventory Management Challenge

By Greg Tavarez, TMCnet Editor  |  March 03, 2023

The current approach to managing network inventory is complex and challenging for communications service providers. CSPs typically must manage many different types of equipment (such as switches, routers, servers and storage devices) across multiple locations, and sometimes even across multiple countries. CSPs must also keep track of the connectivity between all devices, including the logical connections between them, which can be difficult to visualize and manage.

Moreover, CSPs must real-time manage their inventory, given that their networks constantly change due to new deployments, upgrades and maintenance activities. Another challenge is maintaining accurate inventory data, which is crucial for providing high-quality services and ensuring network security. Errors in inventory data can lead to misconfigurations and downtime, as well as security breaches.

Those are daunting challenges, so it’s no wonder CSPs need a consolidated view of their networks and a consistent workflow to connect and act on data.

Answering the call to help overcome those challenges are AT&T and ServiceNow with the release of a global telecom product that helps CSPs manage 5G and fiber network inventory.

Telecom Network Inventory provides a single platform that delivers services fast and addresses issues proactively with accurate inventory as well as improves business agility by uniting customer service processes across the enterprise and network.

Inventory data is consolidated to allow CSPs to capture, store and maintain data for the resource lifecycle as a single source of truth. CSPs can also use digital workflows for clear visibility into resource and service lifecycles across the enterprise.

“Together, ServiceNow (News - Alert) and AT&T will work to redefine network inventory, and we will continue to innovate to address the challenges communications service providers face now and in the future. This is only the beginning,” said Rohit Batra, Vice President and Head of Telecommunications, Media, and Technology Products at ServiceNow.

Telecom Network Inventory is built on the ServiceNow Platform, and AT&T (News - Alert) provided strategic design and technical guidance for its development. AT&T also plans to deploy the platform soon.

“Working with ServiceNow to develop Telecom Network Inventory was a great collaboration to create a tool that could help us address an industry-wide challenge,” said Jon Summers, Senior Vice President of Information Technology and Chief Information Officer, AT&T. “As we approach our internal deployment, we also look forward to seeing how other operators around the globe might take advantage of it.”

AT&T's deployment is a way to provide ongoing strategic guidance as ServiceNow enhances Telecom Network Inventory to ensure the product provides modern, industry-leading solutions for the complex network needs of the telecom industry.

Edited by Alex Passett