Phishing Burden: YouMail and Phishlabs Try to Reel It In

By Greg Tavarez January 31, 2023

Innovative technology provides businesses numerous opportunities to stay competitive in their respective markets. But new technology also spawns new threats, especially in the forms of social engineering attacks like phishing, vishing and smishing.

In fact, after analyzing various link-based URLs, attachments and natural language messages for a six-month period in 2022, a SlashNext report found more than 255 million attacks, a 61% increase in the rate of phishing attacks compared to 2021. So, yes, phishing is a cause for concern.

YouMail (News - Alert) and Fortra’s Phishlabs are in the fight against phishing. YouMail protects consumers, enterprises and carriers from harmful phone calls. Fortra’s cybersecurity and automation software protects information and simplifies IT processes to give its customers peace of mind.

To try to better control phishing, the two are joined in a partnership to strengthen YouMail Protective Services' defenses with curated threat intelligence, while enhancing PhishLabs' security protections to block voice phishing, or vishing, attacks.

“This partnership represents a security win-win for businesses of all sizes and their end users,” said YouMail CEO Alex Quilici (News - Alert).

YouMail Protective Services performs AI-based threat detection, analysis and mitigation for communications service providers and enterprises to protect against unwanted and malicious traffic. These services serve as a B2B watchdog solution that helps CSPs uncover unlawful calls made on their networks, while helping larger enterprises protect their brands against robocall spoofing campaigns.

PhishLabs is a cyber threat intelligence company that delivers digital risk protection through curated threat intelligence and complete threat mitigation. PhishLabs provides comprehensive brand impersonation, account takeover, data leakage and social media threat protections in one solution.

The agreement enhances mutual customers' detection, intelligence and mitigation capabilities against phishing attacks.

"This partnership will give our users a trusted resource to enhance the detection and mitigation of scams designed to target consumers via the telephone," said Billy Smith, managing director of Fortra's PhishLabs.

Edited by Greg Tavarez
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