Test 5G Cybersecurity in SecurityGen Lab

By Greg Tavarez December 19, 2022

As 5G networks continue to be more widely used, mobile network operators shift their focus to building higher network density, adding spectrum and upgrading active equipment at a faster rate to meet customer demands.

High speeds and low latency sound great, except when cybersecurity is pushed aside for MNOs to get to market quicker. Sure, higher encryption levels in the 5G network adds security, but it does not offer protection against hackers who attempt to break into the system through unsecured endpoint devices.

SecurityGen, provider of security solutions and services for the telecoms industry, believes that to address vulnerabilities and add new security elements, MNOs need to gain a better understanding of 5G networks before rolling out their networks. That feat is achievable with SecurityGen’s 5G Cyber-security Lab.

The 5G Cyber-security Lab is a compact simulation of a simple, cost-effective and security-centric 5G environment, with the significant pieces of 5G within it enabling security teams to study telecom technologies in detail and explore the environment safely.

The lab is created to be a training platform for MNO security teams to explore and expand their knowledge of 5G and the range of threat vectors associated with it and to also test and validate solutions and techniques to ensure the safe and secure rollout of 5G networks and use cases.

"We started with the idea of building sort of a 'gym' where MNO security teams could practice and perfect their 5G game,” said Dmitry Kurbatov, SecurityGen co-founder and chief technology officer. “The new lab helps them define a list of security requirements and enables them to prove and test efficient ways to protect the network against potential threats.”

SecurityGen’s extensive portfolio provides protection against existing and advanced telecom security threats, making its 5G Cyber-security Lab an ideal innovative solution for MNO security teams to test, understand and better prepare for the threats associated with 5G networks before or after the network rollout.

Edited by Erik Linask
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