Intrado Panic Button Keeps Schools Safe

By Greg Tavarez, TMCnet Editor  |  October 21, 2022

Children’s safety is a top priority for any education institution. But the challenges are amplified today, especially with the increase in gun violence on school campuses. Whether you’re a parent, student, of staff member, there may be nothing scarier than a school lockdown due to an active shooter threat.  All you want is for a situation to be resolved immediately, which means authorities need to be notified as quickly and easily as possible so they can respond.

While there is no positive to violence, with the right technology, school officials don’t need to waste time informing authorities and first responders, minimizing response time and increasing the probability of a speedy and safe resolution.

In fact, all it takes is a button. Intrado offers such a solution with its innovative wearable safety device featuring a customizable panic button with precise location identification data and detailed incident information.

The badge-sized device is part of Intrado’s (News - Alert) Safety Suite Solution, an end-to-end incident management tool for K-12 schools, higher education institutions and businesses. Intrado Safety Suite is a comprehensive set of solutions that address incident prevention, response and recovery for complete risk management.

Upon button activation, Intrado Safety Suite instantly transmits the device location and incident details to the correct 911 emergency communications center while notifying administrators and staff.

“Thanks to our automatic location identification database, connectivity to public safety answering points and extensive 911 infrastructure, we can automatically share the critical data first responders want and need even before a 911 call is answered,” said Jeff Robertson, president of Intrado Life and Safety.

The device differentiates the type of incident and response required including whether the emergency is a fire or an active shooter incident, initiates lockdowns, cancels false alarms and performs daily device health checks with status updates available on a dashboard provided by Intrado. Additional features include triple redundancy for full coverage, dual SIM cards and a commercial-grade battery that requires one charge per year.

With the Safety Suite panic button, also available in desktop, mobile and mounted versions, keep the school grounds safe as well as daily transportation, field trips or athletic and other events that occur off-campus – anywhere a situation could potentially arise.

Edited by Erik Linask