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Transbeam Addresses the Needs of Post Acute Partners - Stat

By TMCnet Special Guest
Paula Como Kauth
  |  June 17, 2014

A growing multi-division health care company with a complex IT infrastructure wanted to incorporate new data and voice services to meet its expanding needs, which included the addition of new office space. But the company needed to ensure that the new solution was able to house all of its highly confidential customer files securely. And it hoped to implement the solution in a very short timeframe and during the hectic December holiday season in New York City. 

This company, named Post Acute Partners, envisioned having to hire multiple companies – including a network designer, a wireless network specialist, phone installers, an Internet service provider, a consultant, and a project manager – to do the job. It quickly began evaluations of architects, designers, and interior decorators to get the ball rolling. The problem was, the company had no idea what it really needed in terms of a solution to address its requirements.

So Post Acute Partners called on Transbeam (News - Alert), Inc. to help it assess its goals. Founded in 1996, Transbeam provides private data networking, high-speed Internet access, integrated voice and data solutions, and managed IT services for businesses nationwide.

Transbeam consulted with Post Acute Partners to determine what its technology needs were right then and in the future so the Transbeam could design a network that would meet both the customer’s technical and business requirements, and could scale as it grew.

They met with the office environment planners to design a single wired and wireless network that could serve the unique needs of four different business units. After careful planning, Transbeam incorporated an Ethernet over Copper solution over which to deliver dedicated Internet access and private line services. Transbeam also installed a hosted PBX (News - Alert) network running over the EoC infrastructure. Transbeam incorporated these new services with minimal space requirements at a greatly reduced cost compared to traditional PBX systems – saving the customer money and effectively utilizing its New York City office space. In addition, Transbeam wired the entire office without causing delays in the overall project.

When the physical elements were in place, Transbeam was responsible for moving Post Acute Partners’ IT infrastructure, including servers and firewalls, from the old to the new office and completing a Wi-Fi installation for the entire new office. 

The result was a seamless transition from the old to the new – no missed calls, no network issues.By incorporating Transbeam’s services, Post Acute gained a reliable, affordable high-speed Internet and voice solution for its businesses that will continue to scale and support the future growth of its business. 

“Transbeam was instrumental in helping us move our network infrastructure for our New York City headquarters that supported four of our key divisions of our health care company,” Warren Cole, co-CEO of Post Acute Partners. “It completed this large task during the peak of the holiday season within a very short deadline date. [It] not only managed the entire process seamlessly, but was very careful with details and understanding our technology needs to help us build out our network, thinking about our future needs. Transbeam was highly reliable, and we would not trust anyone else with our network going forward.”

Paula Como Kauth is director of marketing at Transbeam Inc.


Edited by Stefania Viscusi