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Rolling in the Deep: Database Startup Helps Businesses Dive into Big Data

By Paula Bernier, Executive Editor, TMC  |  July 29, 2013

Deep Information Sciences, which is led by a deep bench of former Arbor Networks (News - Alert) and Ellacoya top brass, in April announced Series A funding and unveiled its DeepDB database.

The company’s leaders say DeepDB is a new approach to database architecture that addresses performance and scale, and which they report has outperformed existing databases by 10 to 100 times across a wide variety of use cases.

INTERNET TELEPHONY recently interviewed Kurt Dobbins, CEO and co-founder at Deep, to find out more about the company’s strategy and financial position.

When was Deep Information Sciences founded?

Dobbins: We started the company in 2010 and were in stealth mode until our official public launch in early April 2013.

What market need does the company address?

Dobbins: Deep is addressing the need for high-performance, real-time transactions and analytics using the same dataset. Deep’s technology and product solutions address both the volume and complexity of today’s data as well as the computational demands of advanced queries and the time-to-result constraints that businesses and their customers now require. We have created a new database engine that sits deep within the data infrastructure to address the challenges driven by big data that organizations are facing today. What takes legacy systems hours to complete Deep completes in minutes. Unlike existing database solutions, which rely on batch processing or data exports for analytics, Deep enables our customers to gain meaningful business intelligence from the live transactional commerce data in real time. Our technology is a major leap forward in database design and allows our customers to address problems more quickly and cost effectively than anything else on the market.

Tell us about the management team at Deep.

Dobbins: Our team is led by a group of exceptionally gifted technologists and entrepreneurs. In our collective experience we have shipped thousands of commercial products, built billions of dollars of exit value and have over 50 patents. The team includes Jack Boyle, chairman; me, as CEO and co-founder; Phil Bedard, COO and co-founder; Jason Jeffords, CTO and co-founder;

Tom Hazel, chief scientist and architect; and Mike Skubisz, vice president of product management and strategy.

What is Deep’s ownership and financial situation?

Dobbins: In early April, we closed our Series A private funding with over $10 million and are now generating revenue. Our investors include Stage1 Ventures with David Baum, Robert Davoli, Chamberlain & Steward, Robert Levine, Cofounder, Cabletron Systems, Alessandro Piol and a group of passionate angel investors.

Who is Deep’s target customer?

Dobbins: We like to think of our customers as CIMOs – chief information and marketing officers – at enterprises, service providers and government agencies who need a new way to tackle the complexities associated with big data. Our target customers can come from any sized organization in any vertical that has complex data management challenges.

How widely is DeepDB in use today?

Dobbins: We have several DeepDB beta customers today, including Blackmesh, Global Relief Technologies and PixelMedia, who are seeing orders of magnitude improvement in their particular use cases. We are also working with several Fortune 50 companies that are in various stages of pilot and beta testing.

Why do customers need the Deep solution, and how are they benefitting from it?

Dobbins: Our customers are using DeepDB to handle their big data quickly and efficiently. For the majority of our customers, the technology acts as any other database would for their business – the difference is Deep is doing it faster than ever before. One of our customers, Global Relief Technologies, is using DeepDB to update its database with data from remote field personnel who log information on their tablets. This process used to take more than a day. With DeepDB, it takes 17 minutes.

How is DeepDB packaged and priced?

Dobbins: DeepDB is available via flexible software license terms that enable our customers and partners to use DeepDB in the way that gives them the best economic and competitive advantages: as an enterprise solution; as part of a SaaS (News - Alert) solution (an application or DBaaS). Because DeepDB supports industry-standard open interfaces, it installs in minutes.

What is the availability of this solution?

Dobbins: The DeepDB general-purpose database technology is in beta now, powering our first go-to-market product, which we will be making generally available later this year.

Deep is not the only player working to address this need. How is the company’s solution different and better than competitors in this realm?

Dobbins: Deep represents a fundamentally new way of handling big data. Unlike other new database solutions that have either made minor optimizations to older techniques or have focused on narrow use cases, Deep has reinvented database technology in the broadest sense. We took a fresh look at how to deliver a general-purpose database solution capable of supporting both structured and unstructured data with the same database in a highly performing manner. Our technology is one of the most significant changes in database technology over the last decade and allows Deep to address problems more quickly and cost effectively than anything else on the market.

Edited by Stefania Viscusi