Evolution Platform for Enterprise Lets Content Run Everywhere

By Paula Bernier, Executive Editor, TMC  |  April 29, 2013

UIEvolution (News - Alert) Inc. has launched the cloud-based Evolution Platform for Enterprise.

The HTML5-based product offers what UIEvolution says is an efficient and economical solution for delivering cross-platform applications across screens – whether those screens are on a mobile phone, a tablet, a TV or within a vehicle. That enables simple, cross-platform experiences for end users, and allows for more affordable and efficient application creation, because software developers can write once and run their apps anywhere with UIEvolution.

UIEvolution is focused on the automotive, hospitality, and media industries. The Evolution Platform is great for hospitality industry, says Cami Zimmer, director of communications, who met with INTERNET TELEPHONY at the recent Mobile World Congress (News - Alert) in Barcelona.

Hotels used to make lots of money on room rental movies, she notes, but now people bring in own devices with their own media. But this UIEvolution solution can help hotels recapture some of that lost in-room-media revenue by offering value-added video, meaning people can start a movie in their room and take it with them on their mobile devices if they need to leave before they’re finished viewing. Zimmer says the solution also can be used to support digital signage applications in the hospitality and other verticals.

UIEvolution has been around for 13 years, and counts among its customers such major brands as AT&T, Disney Mobile, Hikari-TV, Microsoft, Mitsubishi, Samsung (News - Alert), and Toyota.

“Our customers realize that digital business is moving quickly beyond mobile into connected screens,” says Chris Ruff, CEO and President of UIEvolution. “They need a solution to manage complex enterprise applications across multiple screens and platforms that will allow them to innovate, not merely keep up. The Evolution Platform allows them to do that. UIEvolution is more than just a platform company; we partner with our customers to help them develop ambitious plans for development, innovation and collaboration in the digital space.”  

Edited by Stefania Viscusi