Understanding WebRTC and SIP Trunking

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Understanding WebRTC and SIP Trunking

By Steven Johnson, President, Ingate Systems, Inc.  |  October 13, 2015

SIP trunking has been around for some time. While every service provider, enterprise and reseller has likely had SIP trunking on their radar screens, many have questions about how to deploy effectively and efficiently. Now there is a new technology, WebRTC, that needs to be considered. How can IT departments know which technology is best for their current business and future growth?

This month at the SIP Trunking, UC & WebRTC Seminars at ITEXPO (News - Alert) we’re tackling this question head-on. We’re bringing industry leaders together in Anaheim to demystify SIP trunking and WebRTC, to discuss what these technologies are and why they’re important. We’ll also be talking about how to deploy them.

Through case studies we’ll be illustrating how real businesses attack real issues. During the SIP Trunking Academy, case studies regarding on-premises SIP trunking, managed services as well as branch survivability will be presented. Tadiran Telecom, Phone.com (News - Alert), Twilio and Grandstream have much to offer on these topics. Additionally, Matt Pingatore, CEO of Packet Fusion, will relate case studies for large and small business implementations of SIP trunking.

WebRTC is becoming an important complement to SIP trunking. Case studies of real WebRTC deployments illustrate the benefits of using both in tandem. For example, at the seminars we will talk about how WebRTC and SIP trunking for call centers brings in customers by meeting them where they are (primarily online). In this way, WebRTC is a sales and marketing tool, with “phone calls” completed over SIP trunks.

WebRTC also offers call centers tremendous cost savings when used as a replacement for 1-800 numbers. These numbers cost hundreds of thousands of dollars a year. Replacing these numbers with WebRTC click to call can generate a big payday. Next month’s INTERNET TELEPHONY will delve even deeper into the potential of WebRTC.

Learn more at the SIP Trunking, UC & WebRTC Seminars at ITEXPO in Anaheim, Calif., Oct. 6-8, 2015. To register visit http://www.siptrunkingucandwebrtcseminars.com/west/

Steven Johnson (News - Alert) is president of Ingate Systems (www.ingate.com).

Edited by Stefania Viscusi