ITEXPO-co-located SUITS Conference to Address Patent Issues

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ITEXPO-co-located SUITS Conference to Address Patent Issues

By TMCnet Special Guest
  |  July 23, 2012

This article originally appeared in the July/August issue of INTERNET TELEPHONY

As more individuals and companies develop and invent new hardware, software, products and services, the complex world of licensing and patent applications can be overwhelming. This is compounded by complexities and legalities that engineers, business people and entrepreneurs seldom know how to navigate. With technology developments moving at lighting speeds, the race to apply, own and manage patents and other key licenses are faster than ever before. 

Companies stand to earn millions not just on the products they sell but on the intellectual properties they own. In a graphical depiction of technology companies and the patents they own, it’s not surprising to see some of the most well known brands of switches, routers, optical gear, handheld devices, mobile operators and more. The below chart, published by Chetan Sharma (News - Alert) Consulting in 2011, only tracks the number of mobile communications-related issued patents; imagine how many more are out there.

The Internet supplies users with tremendous access to information from nearly everywhere, all of the time. Information about applying for patents and licenses is abundant on the Internet – but how does one know who to trust, where to go and learn about the opportunities that are available to any smart and savvy inventor? There are a number of conferences that provide users with the ability to learn, seminar style, how to apply for patents. There are fewer conferences that bring out lively conversations and debates that bring to the forefront the topics about which scientists really want to know. 

In the spring of 2012, Synopsis (News - Alert) Under IT/Patents Telecom Sourcing Conferences (SUITS) was launched to address just these issues. The overwhelming response and interest in the conference program has spurred us to do a second event, to be held October 2012, co-located with ITEXPO West 2012 in Austin, Texas. 

The SUITS program will engage CEOs, inventors, developers, marketing and business people alike. They will be able to learn from a variety of telecom companies that are proven, knowledgeable and have the know-how to advance patents, licenses strategies and monetization for an array of different technologies. 

SUITS is the only conferences that answers sourcing topics aimed at enabling enterprises, SMBs, corporations, and the public to hear from drafters, designers, engineers, strategists and intellectual property/patent professionals that are or have been part of the fabric of patents all related to telecom. The call for speakers has brought in a number of suggested topics, renowned speakers and will set the agenda for another formidable and lively event co-located with ITEXPO (News - Alert) West 2012. 

Come learn the who and the why of those involved in growth of this evolving and expanding part of telecommunications that usually is a behind closed doors, hushed topic and how it effects your business. In answer to the trepidations faced by all telco business units, SUITS want to educate and provide answers.

Noreen Rucinski (News - Alert) is vice president of business development of Schneider Rucinski Enterprises.

Edited by Stefania Viscusi