From Dial-up to WebRTC: Two Decades of Innovation

Call centers have become the proving ground for WebRTC. So far, what we've seen in real-world call center ... More>>>



NTT America Channel Heads Offer New Program Update
NTT Communications, which is owned by NTT Corp., is one of the world’s largest providers of telecommunications services.

Cloud & Data Center

Datos IO Distributed Versioning Platform Addresses Trend Toward Scale-Out Databases
The cloud, mobile, and social networking have transformed the requirements of data centers and databases, says Tarun Thakur, CEO and co-founder of Datos IO.

Strategic Solutions Series

The Pursuit of Perfect Sound: Sennheiser Trumpets Its Message of Great Value
Sennheiser used to be the best-kept secret in the headset space. Now the secret is out.


How to Boost Indoor Coverage
Delivering consistent indoor coverage for cellular devices continues to be a top priority for mobile operators.

Unified Communications

VoLTE: A Reality Check on Its Availability and How Carriers Could Take It to the Next Level
Alido Di Giovanni thinks it’s shocking that people today can’t get mobile messages on their laptops. Now that cellular service providers have established a base for VoLTE, however, they are ready to address such multidevice solutions, he says. And he adds that IMS can enable that.

Special Focus

UC Excellence Awards
VoipNow is a cloud communications platform that enables service providers and organizations to benefit from hosted enterprise telephony ...


Credential, Party of Three: Virginia's New Identity Law and the Slow Rise of Third-Party Identity Credentials
On July 1, in an effort to limit identity theft, data breaches and other cyberattacks that are most often successful due to compromised passwords, Virginia officially became the first state to enact a law focused on digital identities.


SIP Phones
The AudioCodes 400HD series of IP Phones includes a range of easy-to-use, feature-rich products for the service provider hosted services, enterprise IP telephony, and contact center markets.

Network Infrastructure

WebRTC & SIP Telephony Usage is More Than the IMS Gateway
WebRTC is an emerging IETF and W3C standard for high quality real-time communication in web browsers. It opens up for new ways of communication, where integration with telephony is one of many.

The Real Deal on IPv6 Migration
When the American Registry for Internet Numbers depleted its IPv4 free pool on Sept. 24, 2015, the news quickly spread across the trade press: IPv4 is gone, and the time to transition to IPv6 is now.

On Rad's Radar

The IT Shop Partner Profile
Parks Associates' study on IT support spending for small business finds that small businesses (those will less than 250 employees) spend only $150 per month for IT services. That number seems low unless you do some math.