WebRTC: The Killer App for Call Centers

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WebRTC: The Killer App for Call Centers

By Steven Johnson, President, Ingate Systems, Inc.  |  December 08, 2015

Call centers have become the proving ground for WebRTC. So far, what we’ve seen in real-world call center deployments is that WebRTC is delivering on ROI, efficiency, and customer service. It’s becoming an indispensable killer app for the call center.

Traditional telephony has always been the backbone of call centers. Today, however, customers primarily find your business while surfing online. Even before they call they will typically investigate your offerings on the Internet using a PC or (increasingly) a mobile device. Every business must have a website: That fact underscores the essential value of online traffic for the success of your business.

When it comes time for potential customers to reach you, asking them to go offline and phone your call center is a mistake. It disrupts the connection you’ve already made with your customer. It gives them a chance to jump ship.

Online chat is a great solution. But WebRTC goes one step further, enabling your agents to actually talk to customers, face-to-face, online without having to leave your website.

One Ingate customer has done just that, implementing WebRTC in its call center with tremendous results. Clicking on WebRTC not only connects the user to you, but it also sends important information about the user to the call center for a more personal and efficient interaction. Customers value the face-to-face call. These video calls have become sticky, meaning the WebRTC calls stay online for a longer period of time, with fewer disconnects.

All this impacts ROI in a big way. Telephony costs are reduced to zero when you implement SIP trunking for telephony as your compliment to WebRTC. For our customer, which has call centers around the world, telephone calls become very expensive, but they are still needed for outbound outreach as well as for customers who may just be more comfortable using a phone. Replacing telephony with SIP trunks eliminated international telephony charges. WebRTC enhanced its interactions with customers.

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Edited by Kyle Piscioniere