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New Systems Make Videoconferencing More Business Accessible
Like a fine bottle of wine, it gets better with time. This analogy holds true for many things, especially technology. Videoconferencing, for example, has been available since the 1960's. Early solutions were marketed and targeted at large enterprise users who had the deep pockets to invest in and help fund manufacturer R&D. Steadily over the years, however, videoconferencing solutions have evolved on all sides of the size, price, and feature spectrum.


Mapping Technology: Location Intelligence for the Telecommunications C-Suite
Imagine this: The CEO of a major telecommunications company walks into the boardroom. Around the table sits the entire C-suite. The CEO projects a spreadsheet, filled with data points, and says, "We need to reorganize our operations. It's time to expand our coverage areas and open to new markets. Here's all the information you need - now run with it."

Semiconductor Space Consolidation: Intel to Buy Altera, Avago to Purchase Broadcom
Intel this summer laid out plans to buy Altera for $16.7 billion in cash. The deal came just days after Avago Technologies announced its intention to buy Broadcom for $37 billion.


TCPA Compliance
There's a lot of legal action these days related to the Telephone Consumer Protection Act, which was created and signed into law in the 1990s in an effort to prevent people from getting calls and other communications that they have to pay for, but don't want to receive. And TCPA and FCC rules prohibit making auto dialed or prerecorded non-emergency calls to a wireless phone number for which the called party is charged a fee.

Network Infrastructure

Preparing Your Business for Mother Nature's Worst
No organization wants to try out its business continuity/disaster recovery plan in real life. But the reality is that storms and natural disasters occur, and they can have a devastating economic impact on businesses in their path.

AT&T Offers An Update on Its SDN, Virtualization Strategy
INTERNET TELEPHONY recently interviewed Andre Fuetsch, senior vice president of architecture and design at AT&T, to discuss what the company refers to as its transformation to a software-centric company. Here's an edited excerpt.

Cloud & Data Center

Amdocs Helps CSPs Migrate to Hadoop, Leverage Big Data
Communications service providers' existing data warehouses are hitting the wall as the amount of data they need to house and share multiplies. Amdocs is helping these companies upgrade to newer systems that are up to the task, assisting these businesses in transitioning their data from legacy to next-generation data stores, and providing a wide array of platforms and applications to help businesses use big data to their advantage.

Special Focus

INTERNET TELEPHONY Announces 2015 Channel Excellence Award Winners
TMC and INTERNET TELEPHONY are proud to announce the winners of our Channel Excellence Awards. This marks the second iteration of this award program, for which the number of applications and award categories continue to multiply.

Product Review

A Compelling Solution: Nuage Telecom's Holistic Package Saves Money, Encourages Collaboration
Nuage Telecom is a relatively new company with a simple mission: to reduce the app overload in corporations and by doing so make it more manageable for users and more cost effective for the CFO.

CEO Spotlight

CEO Spotlight with Vonage's Alan Masarek
Vonage is now executing upon what the company's CEO Alan Masarek calls a historic business transformation - from a residential landline replacement for traditional telecoms serving consumers only to a software-as-a-service company for businesses and consumers. INTERNET TELEPHONY recently interviewed Masarek to find out more.


Analyzing the Apple-Cisco Partnership: The Good, The Bad, and The Potentially Ugly
Tech powerhouses Apple and Cisco last month month announced they joined forces to give business users of iOS devices the best possible experience - "a fast lane" as they described it -- on Cisco-powered networks. Apple iOS devices will also be optimized to work with Cisco's conferencing and unified communications services as part of the deal.