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Amdocs Helps CSPs Migrate to Hadoop, Leverage Big Data

By Paula Bernier, Executive Editor, TMC  |  September 16, 2015

Communications service providers’ existing data warehouses are hitting the wall as the amount of data they need to house and share multiplies. Amdocs (News - Alert) is helping these companies upgrade to newer systems that are up to the task, assisting these businesses in transitioning their data from legacy to next-generation data stores, and providing a wide array of platforms and applications to help businesses use big data to their advantage.

Matt Roberts, director of big data analytics marketing at Amdocs, recently spoke with INTERNET TELEPHONY to explain what the company offers on the big data front.

At TM Forum Live! in June the company launched Amdocs CES (News - Alert) 9.3, which addresses big data marketing, customer care, interactive bills, network analytics, and online commerce.

"Customers have become more tech-savvy. They expect service providers to constantly raise the innovation bar with new digital services, while providing better network service, a more personalized customer experience and complete information consistency across channels. And they want control over the whole process," said Mark Mortensen, BSS practice head at Analysys (News - Alert) Mason. "Integrated suites, such as Amdocs CES 9.3, can ensure the delivery of such a customer-controlled high-quality experience across all these dimensions. It is not just about incrementally making things better – to thrive and grow, the traditional communications service providers of today must become the digital service providers of tomorrow." 

And just last month Amdocs announced a big data analytics solution. It includes applications that help service providers extract and manage data from multiple sources and use them to garner actionable insights that will positively impact customer service and marketing. Among the applications are Amdocs High Definition Marketing Analytics, which accesses usage data, web surfing trends, social feeds, and care channels to help service providers upsell and segment their customers; Amdocs Deep Network Analytics, which garners insights from the network, including radio access feeds, deep packet inspection, and customer value parameters from business support systems so telcos can, for example, decide where to invest in their networks next; and Amdocs Consumer and Business Satisfaction Analytics, which looks at a wide array of data to help business leaders make sense of their Net Promoter Scores and resolve customer service challenges.

Amdocs also offers a solution called the Amdocs Logical Data Model tool, which it announced about a year ago. That does the extraction and cleansing of data from legacy databases and loads it onto the new platforms. This is important, Roberts notes, given that 80 percent of the work involved in implementing big data and business intelligence projects on average has to do with data integration, according to 451 Research (News - Alert), and only 20 percent goes toward data analysis. And Gartner Research estimates that up to 38 percent of an entire data warehouse effort to complete the design for transforming and loading data from source to warehouse targets. Amdocs helps ease that pain point both through its platforms and professional services.

In the last 12 months, Roberts told TMCnet in May, Amdocs has seen some of its customers start to move away from their existing warehouses to new, high volume and low cost data storage based on open source technologies like Hadoop. 

Edited by Dominick Sorrentino