Editors Day Santa Clara 2015 Interview with Appensure
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In partnership news from the IoT, U.S. Cellular inks a new deal for M2M solutions and two big vendors create turnkey option by joining forces. Meanwhile, the security of the IoT is a big deal, and according to a new study, not just in terms of data and privacy. Infrastructure, too, can be at risk. In My IoT, Ken rants wildly about why he’s fed up with wearables that are ugly, uncomfortable and trying to do too much.
Editors Day Boston 2014 Interview with CTO of Zappix
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Editors Day Boston 2014 Interview with Zappix
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Rich Tehrani interviews Daniel Sarfati, President of Applango.
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Shiraz Hasan discusses his M2M keynote and mobile panel session, focusing on security, trends and the future of enterprise technology.
Steve Shalita discusses performance management and NetScout’s recently announced nGeniusONE Unified Performance Management platform.
Paul Speciale, CMO, Appcara
Matt Moore discusses how Crowdmob helps companies target and acquire valuable users and how HTML5 impacts the development of its platform.
Appcore's Jeff Tegethoff explains how service providers can have a full cloud business up and running in less than 30 days with a single automated cloud management platform.
AppEnsure's Colin McNab discusses how to ensure mission critical application performance across entire cloud infrastructures with Erik Linask.
Eric Hutts and Janine Soika explain how mid-sized enterprises can take advantage of secure cloud data centers with high performance managed hosting services.
Brett Dunst from Dream Host Explores the evolving storage needs of enterprises and the challenges with migrating to scalable cloud storage solutions.
Ben Weekes of Requestec tells TMC's Rich Tehrani about how the company's new Android and iOS APIs enabling integration with the company's cross-platform video service which works with Adobe Flash and WebRTC and allows interoperability between the two.
Exinda’s Brendan Reid, VP, Marketing tells Rich Tehrani of TMC about the company’s new WAN optimization, network control and application monitoring solutions and brings along Precor to talk about network fitness.
Profitec’s updated OmniSuite system and mobile app puts the control in the consumer’s hands.
TMC Web Editor Rich Steeves talks to StarupCamp7 Judge’s Choice winner ThruView. ThruView’s mobile applications stream videos from smartphones directly to customer agents offering visual context requied to deliver more efficient customer service, reducing truck rolls increasing efficiency.
TMC Web Editor Rich Steeves interviews Ryan Frankel, Co-founder of VerbalizeIt, winner of the audience prize at StartupCamp7. VerbalizeIt delivers real-time access to human translators to empower business travelers with the ability to connect instantly with a live translator any time of day, anywhere in the world from any device or application.
Rich Tehrani, TMC’s CEO and Group Editor-in-Chief, speaks with Mouli Ramani, VP, Marketing and Business Development for Nectar Mobile Power and learns about the company’s mobile power solutions which run on butane – the same gas found in a typical cigarette lighter.
Rich Tehrani, TMC’s CEO and Group Editor-in-Chief, speaks with Pete Hollenhorst, National Product Trainer, Chad Smith, Manager, Training and Events and Randy Overton, National Product Trainer for LG Electronics and learns about the company’s latest TVs, smartphones and smart appliances which can even help you make a shopping list and take an inventory of the contents of your fridge.
Thingworx takes the world of APIs and makes them more than an interface but a dynamic part of web for better insight from all the M2M elements.
Rich Tehrani, TMC’s CEO and Group Editor-in-Chief, speaks with John Ellis, Global Technologist, Connected Services & Solutions, Ford Motor Company about how the automobile app ecosystem is a crucial part of the company’s strategy going forward.
Web Editor Rich Steeves interviews former Pepsi and Apple CEO John Sculley at ITEXPO Miami 2013. Sculley talks about his legacy, advice for entrepreneurs and his current endeavors in the healthcare technology space.
TMC interviews Moe Ilyas, director of channel sales for Appcore, about the company’s efficient cloud computing offerings to achieve efficient implementation and automation.
Proteg-GO CEO and founder Raymond Kryzek tells TMC’s Paula Bernier about the company’s personal protection, safety and emergency assistance mobile applications.
CEO Justin Norris talks strategy with TMC’s Paula Bernier.
TMC CEO Rich Tehrani talks to Adam Linford at Truphone about its brand new Tru App for the new BlackBerry 10. The app enables users to save up to 90 percent on international voice calls and features enhanced quality.
Rich Tehrani, TMC’s CEO and Group Editor-in-Chief, speaks with Lars Johnsson, Senior Director, Product Marketing, SoC Mobile Communications (LTE) for Broadcom and learns about platform solutions which the company supplies and providing 2G, 3G, LTE, WiFi and Bluetooth. He also saw a VoLTE demo using the Broadcom LTE Development Platform. Mike Civello later showed entry-level Android phones with up to 720p displays
Rich Tehrani, TMC’s CEO and Group Editor-in-Chief, speaks with Joe Del Rio and Wade Wan of Broadcom and learns about home gateway solutions which support 4K UHD TV and more.
Rich Tehrani, TMC’s CEO and Group Editor-in-Chief, speaks with Rahul Patel, and Sanjeev Sharma of Broadcom and gets a demo of NFC, Google Wallet, smart WiFi security syncing via NFC Invite, bluetooth low energy, Miracast video streaming and more.
Rich Tehrani, TMC’s CEO and Group Editor-in-Chief, speaks with Dave Baarman, Director of Advanced Technologies for Fulton Innovation and sees a suite of examples from packaged soups to blenders which cook and run using cord-free inductive power. He even witnessed smartphones charging with no cord and auto-connecting to a radio/speaker.
Rich Tehrani, TMC’s CEO and Group Editor-in-Chief, speaks with Jason Liszewski, Managing Director & VP of Sales for EFUN to learn about the company’s line of reasonably priced tablets and digitized solutions including one for the Apple iPad.
TMC’s Rich Steeves speaks with artist and co-creator of Watchmen, Dave Gibbons, and writer/artist/Madefire CCO Liam Sharp about the innovative Madefire motion comics app. The app is designed to revolutionize sequential art and change the way we think of digital comics. With an interactive, dynamic interface, Madefire can immerse you in the comic with sounds, 360 degree images and more. Founded with a “creator-first” philosophy, Madefire focuses on strong storytelling and vibrant art to open up new and exciting worlds.
TMC’s Rich Tehrani speaks with Pascale Vicat Blanc, CEO, Lyatiss about her perspective on application defined networking
Ross Barton, an attorney at Alston & Bird, chats with TMC editor Paula Bernier at ITEXPO Austin, about the recent Samsung-Apple ruling and other IP issues. Barton was at the event to participate in the co-located SUITS conference.
Doug Mohney reports on the iPhone5’s ability to support HD Voice which is active in Europe on the HSPA networks and not available in the US – yet. However, there is the possibility that Sprint has something planned for in the future.
TMC’s Stefanie Mosca speaks with Matt Sims, Vice President of Marketing for Eyeball Networks about the company’s carrier-grade VoIP software targeted at service providers, application developers and device makers at ITEXPO Austin 2012.
TMC’s Erin Harrison speaks with Domingo Guerra, President and Founder of Appthority, about mobile app risk management and enterprise mobility security concerns.
TMC’s Erin Harrison speaks with Fabio Tylim, VP of Sales, The Americas for APEX Voice Communications, about the company’s HD video conferencing platform and current trends in video conferencing.
TMC’s Rich Tehrani speaks with Noreen Rucinski, VP Strategic Business Development, Schneider & Rucinski Enterprises to discuss the SUITS Conference which focuses on communications and technology patents.
TMC’s Rich Tehrani speaks with Chris Douglas, Attorney at Law, Alston & Bird LLP to learn about how his firm helps company’s with their patent questions, issues and litigation questions.
As the business world becomes increasingly more mobile, employees will require not only better access to their enterprise applications, but also easier ways to interact with and update those applications and complete business processes. Active Endpoints’ CEP Mark Taber explains why this is so challenging with today’s apps and how to easily automate many of those processes.
Morgan Slain from splashdata explains the need for secure password management to help users protect their sensitive data and account information.
Benjamin Mestrallet and Bob Bickel explain how eXo's platform helps enterprises create better internal and external user experiences for today's social user.
Terracotta's Gary Nakamura describes how in-memory data access enhances enterprise data access, resulting in increased application performance.
Allan Johnson from Imagination Technologies discusses trends in social media and mobile apps and how voice and video over IP can be integrated to enhance the experience for users.
Jeff Kim explains how CDNetworks helps enterprises enhance the delivery of their Web content and applications to global users.
DeviceLock CEO Vincent Schiavo details the importance of maintaining data and application security across enterprise mobile infrastructures.
Kevin Bocek discusses the difference between security and compliance in the cloud and the adoption of cloud services in heavily regulated industries, like healthcare and financial services.
Udi Yuhtman talks about Interface Masters' newest technologies for ensuring network security and performance.
Chris Perret of Nukona and now Symantec tells TMC's Rich Tehrani about the company's new mobile device management and security solutions for Android and iOS. One highlight: The Nukona App Center from Symantec now protects data on iOS devices with FIPS 140-2 certified encryption
Raj Sabhlok, President of Zoho tells TMC's Rich Tehrani about its company's integration with Google Drive via the Chrome App Store.
Mark Sochan of Partnerpedia tells TMC's Rich Tehrani about his company's enterprise app store for companies with more than 100 workers which supports a broad range of hardware platforms.
Nik Rouda with Riverbed explains to TMC's Rich Tehrani about his company's suite of networking acceleration products from Steelhead for WAN optimization to Granite for Edge Virtualization Infrastructure to Cascade for network performance management.
Amit Kumar of Lexity details his company's marketing apps which allow SMB merchants to compete more effectively with Amazon and other large retailers. Their apps help with Facebook marketing, tracking interest on Pinterest and more.
Paul Doscher from Lucid Imagination tells TMC's Rich Tehrani about his company's enterprise search solutions based on open-source Apache Lucene and Solr.
Test lab consolidation and remote access helps reduce CAPEX and OPEX, allowing new applications and services to be brought to market faster and more efficiently, according to Michael Yeager from QualiSystems
Jennifer Hawkins of DoubleDutch tells TMC's Rich Tehrani about their Hive CRM app which was designed from the ground up to run on mobile devices. In addition she touches on other DoubleDutch solutions such as Flock and Pride.
John Weinschenk, CEO from Cenzic discusses SQL injection related and other security breaches at companies like Yahoo with TMC's Rich Tehrani
Bhavin Shah the VP of Marketing and Business Development for Polaris Wireless tells TMC's Rich Tehrani about how his company has evolved to help countries wirelessly track would-be terrorists. Moreover, he explains how Polaris is bringing wireless 911 solutions to many parts of the world and is leveraging femtocells, picocells and distributed antenna systems to help pinpoint which floor a target is located on.
Bill Roth the VP of Marketing at Nexenta tells TMC's Rich Tehrani about his company's enterprise storage software solutions which utilize open source to provide more economical technology than EMC or NetApp.
In order to enable customers to create new revenue streams from their content and applications, cloud providers can provide test environments to allow businesses to more efficiently develop and test new applications.
One of the challenges for multinational enterprises is establishing connectivity between infrastructure located on different continents. The Transatlantic Data Center Alliance helps overcome many of these challenges, including regulatory and compliance needs.
Virtual application development allows businesses to build new applications on top of existing solutions and lets businesses to unify their on-premises and cloud infrastructure components to leverage all network systems to create maximum value.
As companies look to migrate to cloud computing environments, look for security and reliability assurances to help them meet internal and external service delivery expecations. Gateway appliances can help ensure service stability and reliability with secure dynamic routing capabilities while consolidating other infrastructure management capabilities to create more efficient service and application delivery.
he growth of mobile networks and social media have changed the requirements for effectively accessing, and utilizing data, which is often stored in multiple locations in the cloud, but is required for faster application delivery. ScaleOut Software discusses how in-memory data grids can be used, either alone, or in multiple instances, to help drive more efficient application delivery, in Amazon or Microsoft Azure enviornments, or other cloud instances.
Breaches in data security are forcing cloud providers to take a closer look at how they are protecting the data they are storing in the cloud to reduce risk and minimize loss from data breaches.
Corey Scobie, VP of Technology at SOA Software tells TMC’s Rich Tehrani about the company’s solutions to help companies manage and grow entire app ecosystems.
Roberto Medrano, EVP of SOA Software tells TMC’s Rich Tehrani about the company’s API management solutions for companies.

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Machines in motion that's what our M2M Evolution is focused on in Austin October 2-5. This where we look at how operations can be improved by the use of Wireless to manage business.
Paul Butera of Box tells TMC’s Rich Tehrani about the company’s cloud solutions and how they compare to competitors such as Google, Microsoft and Apple.
John Yung of Appcara details its company's solutions for application management which migrate between public and private clouds.
Appzero Demos a flexible way to move enterprise server-side applications
With all the OTT and alternative service providers trying to steal small pieces of business, legacy operators need to be able to integrate next generation voice, video and messaging capabilities, including mobility, into their infrastructures and portfolios.
Software testing always seems to take more time than operators have, especially in a multi-device environment. Having a trusted third party to perform the first 80% of the testing can significantly decrease time to market.
Tom Trainer of Red Hat details the company's economical, scalable, software-only, storage software appliances to Rich Tehrani
Jason Richards from Vineyard Networks tells Rich Tehrani about the benefits of adding his company's DPI technology to enterprise gateway solutions
Back in the good old days, camping gear consisted of a tent, a couple of sleeping bags and a ton of bug spray. But in today’s connected world, how can people be expected to step away from their smartphones and tablets for a weekend commune with nature? Well, if you are a camping aficionado who wants to take the hobby to the next level of comfort and innovation, you’re in luck. Here are the top five gadgets and apps you need to make your next camping trip high-tech and hassle-free.
Michael Hayes of cp tells RT about coyote point's EQ/OS 10 and broadening ADC product line at Interop 2012
Jesse Rothstein of ExtraHop tells Rich Tehrani about the company's APM solutions and discusses differentiation and a new relationship with Citrix
Radha Sethuraman of Motorola Solutions tells Rich Tehrani about his company's application centric wireless networking solutions allowing for unlimited flexability in energy management, video and more.
Bryan Forrester from Quest tells Rich Tehrani that its Foglight application performance monitoring suite is receiving rave reviews at the show and moreover describes why the company's end to end solutions are an ideal choice for customers
John Peterson of Barracuda Networks tells Rich Tehrani about his company's wide range of easy to use IT appliances which are beginning to harness the cloud
ESET North America's Andrew Lee discusses how his company has evolved from anti-virus solutions to enterprise products.
Carl Ford of Crossfire Media summarizes the event that took place in Santa Clara last week and speaks about the upcoming DevCon event in New York City
There came a day, a day unlike any other, when Earth's mightiest heroes and heroines found themselves united against a common threat. On that day, the Avengers were born—to fight the foes no single hero could withstand! That day is May 4, 2012, when the long-awaited Avengers movie hits the big screen. Starring Iron Man, Captain America, Thor, the Hulk and other heroes joining forces to combat an alien invasion, it looks to be a fun and exciting ride. To go along with the movie, we’re bringing you a host of Avengers-themed toys, games, gadgets and more that will help you get the most out of the experience. Avengers, Assemble!
For serious grillmasters, a barbeque is more than just a pile of charcoal and a pair of tongs; it’s a way of life. And, for grill aficionados who want to bring their outdoor cooking to the next level, there are high tech apps and grill gadgets that can elevate your BBQ beyond boring burgers. Here are the top five ingredients you need for high tech grilling.
TMC's Rich Tehrani speaks with Brian Haynes Director of Channel Sales, AppRiver
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Carl Ford speaks with Tom Springer, CEO and Country Manager of the US for Applus Technologies at the 2011 Sprint Open Solutions Conference
TMC’s Erik Linask speaks with Jim Safran, President, GreenAppX
TMC’s Carl Ford speaks with Rafael Soultanov, CEO of iBuildApp
TMC’s Rich Tehrani speaks with Ditlev Bredahl, CEO of OnApp
Angel’s Multimodal iPhone App...
Government in Your Hands with YouTown...
Take a Ride with Harley-Davidson Map App..
Rich Tehrain speaks with Roy Smith, VP of Marketing for appMobi
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Warner Brothers offers movies for rent on Facebook...
Celebrity chefs develop delicious apps...
David Lynch to launch digital music store...
Charlie Sheen digitizes celebrity meltdowns...
Google Plans to Address Security Concerns in Android Market...
New iPhone App Includes Spy Camera Feature...
iPad2 and the future of communications
The WeatherBug for Android Honeycomb Debuted at Mobile World Congress...
Apple's Subscription Model for App Store Raises Questions...
TMC’s Juliana Kenny speaks with Jim Safran, President, GreenAppX
TMC’s Janice McDuffee speaks with Jim Safran, President, GreenAppX
Google awards $100 million to Eric Schmidt...
Verizon challenges FCC's net neutrality rules...
BlackBerry Messenger Spy App...
Droid-X Spy App...
Flexispy Releases Maemo Spy App...
New TigerText App Designed to Promote Privacy, Protect Cheaters...
First-Ever Tax-Filing Mobile App Hits Market...
What End of "Compulsory License" Means in Video Business...
Lonely Planet Lowers Price for Android Apps during Holiday Season...
Consumer Cellular Introduces Easy-to-Use, Affordable Cell Phones...
Apple Set to Offer 'Black Friday' Discounts Yet...
Republican House Speaker Using Visible Vote App to Improve Outreach...
Mobile Shopping Application a Great Find...
"Back to School" 2010 Experiences Community Growth...
TMC's Rich Tehrani speaks with Jim Safran, President, GreenAppX
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Rumor of COO Departure Affects Apple's Stock Prices...
ITW launches the First Biobased Window Foam...
Resolution MD Mobile Revolutionizes Medical Imaging...
Monitoring and Managing Cellular Energy...
Cloud Communications Industry to Grow, IT Retail Prices to Drop, Says Gartner...
Sprint Introduces Fixed-Mobile Integration Service...
Apriva Unveils AprivaPay
Marketing in the 'Cloud' No Longer a Dream
Cisco and Westcon Pay Uncle Sam Big Bucks
The Human Impact of Cybercrime
Cisco and Itron Unite in Smart Grid Energy Collaboration...
RIM Avoids Indian Block...
Proteus Raisin Ingestible Sensor System Approved in Europe...
Apple's iPad and SimpleSignal Work Together as a Phone System...
WiFi, Femtocell and Others to Help Mobile Data Offloading: Research...
Google Acquires Jambool; Dominates Social Networks Gaming Currencies...
Apple’s Innovative New… Battery Charger?...
Exclusive first look at “revolutionary” social news iPad app: Flipboard...
Motorola's New Smartphone 'Charms' the Competitors...
Apple Follows Google's Lead and Says "Ni hao" to China...
Just Bieber My World Contest Hacked
LinkedIn Revamping Groups Feature
Demand for Online Learning in K-12 Schools Outpaces Supply...
Legal Trouble for Apple Over iPhone 4 Reception...
Offshore Call Centers Aggrieved with Outsourcing Bill...
Jobs Tells iPhone Users to Adjust Grip to Avoid Bad Reception...
Mac mini Next on List of Apple Updates
After Only Eight Hours, iPhone Still Out of Reach
Who's Tweeting in Your Backyard?
iPhone 4 Pre-Orders Sold Out?
Apple Effectively Bars Google from iAd Network...
2010 NGN Leadership Award Winners Announced by NGN magazine...
"Great Firewall" of China Still Stands...
Apple Takes Us On Another Safari...
Verizon Wireless V CAST Video Integrated with Android Smartphones
How Do You Meet the Mobile Backhaul Challenge? Listen to this Webinar First
Yahoo Integrates with Facebook
Apple Sold Two Million iPads in Two Months
Meet iPed, the Android-Based Chinese iPad Clone
Italy-Based Telecom Groups to Build Superfast Broadband Network
Oklahoma Cuts Wireless Tax to Draw New Tech Investment
Department of Justice Asking Questions About Apple's Music Industry Practices
Mobile music downloads struggle to make headway...
Verisign Seeks Buyer for Its Security Business...
DC Palter, President interviews with Erik Linask, Group Editorial Director
TMC's Rich Tehrani speaks with Greg O'Connor, CEO, Appzero
Despite Ruling, F.C.C. Says It Will Move Forward on Expanding Broadband...
MySpace launches social calendar...
TMCnet Group Editorial Director Erik Linask interviews AppTrigger President & CEO Chris Todd
AOL looking to sell or shut down social site Bebo
Nintendo, Google to release Wii 'web search' game
Visual Artists to Sue Google Over Vast Library Project
4GWE Carl Ford speaks with Kent Dicks, Founder/CEO, MedApps
Mexico’s Slim Outpaces Microsoft’s Gates as World’s Richest Man...
Google Goes Public with Plans for Business App Store...
NTT America Enhances Managed Storage Portfolio Using Hitachi Platform...
Rumors Stir that Apple, HTC Lawsuit Affecting Industry, Mobile Development...
FCC to Unveil National Broadband Plan...
Apple to Spend $1 Billion on Chip?...
Interact Announces Interoperability with the BroadvoxGO...
Intel to Invest $2 Billion in U.S. Corporations...
Apptix Inks 100,000-Seat Hosted Exchange E-mail Deal...
Largest Internet Exchanges Trust their Traffic with Brocade’s High Performance...
Alcatel-Lucent Announces a New Cloud-Based Developer Platform
Apple to Start Shipping Tablet Device in Spring...
8x8 Upgrades VoIP Network with HD Calling...
VoIP Monitoring Provider Maintains Market...
At ITEXPO West 2009 in Los Angeles, I had a chance to sit down with the founders of inVox, the company behind a new easy-to-use cloud-based IVR system which lives in the cloud. Here is a video of my interview with company execs.
Barracuda Networks Intros New VoIP PBX...
Concierge Communications Adds Face to Face...
AppAssure Software Unveils…
Apple Beats Dell and HP...
SourceForge Community Reaches 4 Billionth Download...
Motorola Study Shows Over Seven...
TMC's Rich Tehrani Speaks with Subhash Roy, CTO - Transport Products, Applied Micro
Google Tops List of Competitive Media & Telecom...
Tata Teleservices to Deploy Qualcomm's...
AppRiver Intros Digital Disaster Recovery...
Daily Headlines and happenings in communications
Interview with AppTrigger VP of Sales & Engineering, Jose Deras