Ben Weekes of Requestec tells TMC's Rich Tehrani about how the company's new Android and iOS APIs enabling integration with the company's cross-platform video service which works with Adobe Flash and WebRTC and allows interoperability between the two.
Mike James, Director, Engineering at Sandisk tells Rich Tehrani of TMC about NVM Express – a consortium of companies proposing a command interface to connect non-volatile memory to computing systems using the PCI Express bus.
TMC’s Rich Tehrani speaks with Lee Johns, Vice President Product Management, Starboard Storage about the company’s solid-state storage acceleration solutions.
Jeff Sosa of Virident tells TMC's Rich Tehrani about the company's FlashMax flash-based memory cards which accelerate application performance.
Rich Petersen from SanDisks's FlashSoft team details his company's enterprise storage solutions - supports RAID and how the company leverages its consumer and enterprise divisions synergistically.
Radhika Krishnan the Head of Product & Alliances at NimbleStorage tells TMC's Rich Tehrani about her company's proprietary software blends the best of solid state and spinning disk to yield the speed of memory at a price which is lower that 100% flash-based solutions
Many lizards and perhaps dinosaurs whipped their tails rapidly to protect themselves from predators. Matt Goldensohn explains how his company Whiptail uses technology to rapidly store and retrieve data without the use of traditional disk platters.
Max Riggsbee of Whiptail tells Rich Tehrani with TMC about the company’s NAND flash disk-solutions which speed not just overall computing but cloud-based applications.
TMC’s Juliana Kenny speaks with Randy Hurn, Co-Founder & CEO of Flash Valet
A discussion of Adobe's new Edge product which allows more productive HTML5 development.
TMC's Erik Linask speaks with Ted Sanford, CEO of FlashSoft
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TMC’s Juliana Kenny speaks with Trent Johnsen, CEO and Co-Founder, Hookflash
Cisco and Westcon Pay Uncle Sam Big Bucks
The Human Impact of Cybercrime