On this IoT Time, Ken talks about IBM’s new Bluemix Mod for accessing the 70 percent of unleveraged data just floating out there, unleveraged. He also dips into a discussion of how and why storing data in the cloud is safer than keeping it on your local servers. Cloud City, baby.
Transforming business: Capturing new value with Enterprise Internet of Things

Sky is an IBM Distinguished Engineer and the CTO for Internet of Things in IBM's Analytics division. He is responsible for technical strategy and directions related to the Internet of Things within IBM. Sky has lengthy experience working with clients in complex and embedded systems development across many industries, including telecom equipment, aerospace/defense, automotive, and electronics. His current areas of focus include design methods and technologies for machine-to-machine/internet-of-things, analytics for IoT, and security and privacy in IoT. Prior to his current role, he was the CTO for the Systems Engineering and Embedded Software portfolio in IBM Rational. He has over 20 years of experience working on tools for engineering of complex and embedded systems. Sky is based in Research Triangle Park, North Carolina and holds a BSc in Computer Science from Acadia University in Nova Scotia, Canada.
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ITEXPO Miami 2015 Keynote by IBM
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www.itexpo.com miami 2014
Telco Business Dilemmas, Analytics and Lessons Learned
Dr. Craig Farrell
VP and Chief Technology Officer, Global Telecom Industry
Analytics for Telecommunications service providers have been studied, refined and published for some time. In this presentation we will focus on some case studies and actual experiences in using analytics to decide between several common Telco business strategy dilemmas.
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Carl Ford Speaks with Blair Reeves, Product Marketing Manager EMM, IBM Software Group.
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The future of cloud computing
Arpit Joshipura, former CMO of Force10 and now part of Dell describes the company's unified PC/Networking solutions. Moreover he says 2012 will be the year of 10G networking.
Corey Scobie, VP of Technology at SOA Software tells TMC’s Rich Tehrani about the company’s solutions to help companies manage and grow entire app ecosystems.
Roberto Medrano, EVP of SOA Software tells TMC’s Rich Tehrani about the company’s API management solutions for companies.

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Tom Leydan of Amplidata tells TMC’s Rich Tehrani how his company allows its customers to efficiently store massive amounts of information via hardware using a proprietary mathematical solution which is more available than tape and more efficient than RAID. Uses include video storage and building more cost-effective cloud solutions.
Software testing company Parasoft talks up their new Virtualize product allowing complex, highly-dependent applications to be tested while provisioning virtual assets.
Akamai’s Neil Cohen tells TMC’s Rich Tehrani ABOUT his company’s solutions which help customers deploy more saleable and reliable cloud-based solutions worldwide.
Have your Amazon Web Services and your private cloud at the same time with Transcend Computing’s AWS compatible solutions. Jeff Schneider, company Founder & CEO gives TMC’s Rich Tehrani the scoop
With a breadth of cloud-based offerings which seem unrivaled, Datapipe provides individualized solutions which can be made up of Amazon AWS if required. Moreover the company has its own cloud solution, Stratosphere and data centers located throughout the US, Europe and Asia.
Many lizards and perhaps dinosaurs whipped their tails rapidly to protect themselves from predators. Matt Goldensohn explains how his company Whiptail uses technology to rapidly store and retrieve data without the use of traditional disk platters.
Max Riggsbee of Whiptail tells Rich Tehrani with TMC about the company’s NAND flash disk-solutions which speed not just overall computing but cloud-based applications.
Hexagrid’s David Rokits tells TMC’s Rich Tehrani about the company’s cloud-powered rack and other cloud computing solutions at Cloud Expo 2012 in NYC.
Cory Isaacson CEO/CTO of CodeFutures tells TMC’s Rich Tehrani’s about the latest updates to dbShards including increased database vendor support. This will include mainstream as well as more specialized databases.
Uri Mishol of IncrediBuild tells Rich Tehrani of TMC how his company can help customers boost the speed of their high performance applications by efficiently utilizing latent PC processing power coupled with their process virtualization technology.
Zohar Alon the co-founder and CEO of Dome9 Security tells Rich Tehrani about the company's cloud security solutions, relationship with HP and OpenStack solutions.
Rand Wacker of CloudPassage details his company’s GhostPort-based multi-factor authentication solutions utilizing passwords, a mobile key and SMS.
At Cloud Expo 2012 in NYC Sandy Steir of 1010Data tells TMC’s Rich Tehrani about how his company has been providing big data and cloud solutions for more than a decade. Moreover how his company provides solutions allowing companies to share their big data securely in the cloud.
Kevin Hayes of Dell Services explains how the company provides solutions for cloud computing including competitive differentiation from IBM and HP.
TMC's Rich Tehrani speaks with Tim Shaughnessy, Marketing Manager for IBM
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TMC's Rich Tehrani speaks with Dan Tuchler, VP, Product Marketing of IBM
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Dr. Kristof Kloeckner, VP of Strategy and Technology of IBM Software Group, speaks with Rich Tehrani, CEO of TMC
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