On the Road Dallas 2015 Interview with Impiger Mobile
Open Mobile Alliance Eshwar Pittampalli, director of marketing development, discusses the group’s M2M work and ITEXPO presentations
vMobile is embedded into devices and integrates with any SIP-enabled PBX to expand communications beyond the office.
Shiraz Hasan discusses his M2M keynote and mobile panel session, focusing on security, trends and the future of enterprise technology.
Spindle discusses mobile payments, security, its acquisitions and partnerships in related technologies, such as M2M.
Polkast discusses mobile content management and the evolution of the cloud.
Apriva, the first to implement mobile commerce solutions, talks about how it competes in the industry, how integrating payments in the M2M space makes sense and why being technology-agnostic benefits customers.
Matt Moore discusses how Crowdmob helps companies target and acquire valuable users and how HTML5 impacts the development of its platform.
Mike Strange discusses why mobile imaging is so compelling, trends in mobile imaging, what the technology is like behind the scenes and Mitek’s participation at DevCon5.
Dave Otten discusses HTML5 and delivering video for the Web and mobile at DevCon5.
Cloudant's Sam Bisbee talks about the concept of database as a service to help enterprises meet their growing data storage and analysis needs.
PGI's Tom Maurath leverages experience from 200 million cloud-based conferences to explain how mobility is made easier through cloud.
Endstream's Erik Levitt tells Erik Linask how Enstream is taking enterprise mobile communications to a new level with a fully portable enterprise desktop client for mobile devices.
Baruch Sterman VP technology research at Vonage details the company's move to becoming a tech powerhouse and Sterman further tells TMC's Rich Tehrani about the company's mobile WebRTC adoption
Pulin Patel VP Marketing and CEO of OpenClove tells TMC's Rich Tehrani about the company's WebRTC differentiation in conferencing and mobile.
Dan Dooley, President/COO of Tru Mobility tells TMC's Rich Tehrani about how the company helps its SMB customers by merging the best of wireless and wired services. The company uses small cells to boost signal quality in homes and offices and allows the desk phone and cell phone to work together seamlessly. All this at a lower cost than separate connections.
Norman Fekrat, Chief Strategy & Revenue Officer of Lemko tells Rich Tehrani of TMC about how his company has virtualized the mobile packet core and distributed it to the edge of the network enabling p2p mobility and more.
In today’s global, software-centric economy, competitive businesses must be able to deliver a consistent end-to-end customer experience. A holistic eCommerce platform, which enables businesses to quickly and easily roll out new products and services, and allows customers to make transactions in the same manner, is no less critical to rounding out a positive customer experience.
ChitChat Mobile executives tell Rich Tehrani of TMC about their company’s $19.99 unlimited cellular plan.
John Badillo, VP of Sales - The Americas of Truphone tells Rich Tehrani of TMC about his company’s solutions which allow a global workforce to share a pool of minutes for voice, text and data.
Enterprises must deal with a host of regulations and business processes, so why make communications complicated? WebRTC can simplify enterprise communications with a few simple lines of code. With the prevalence of mobile devices in the workforce creating a strain on legacy communications infrastructure, companies that get ahead of the WebRTC curve can ensure smooth, easy communication and collaboration among employees and customers. WebRTC is the future of communications, and the future is now.

Hugh Finnan, Director of Product Management Google Chrome
Dave Jodoin, Chief Innovation Officer, Thrupoint
Todd Simpson (former) Chief of Innovations, Mozilla
Joe Burton, CTO, Plantronics
Nokia’s Chris Ebert highlights the top trends in tech right now, predictions for networks, how cloud ties in with mobile operating systems and social media and the customer experience.
Profitec’s updated OmniSuite system and mobile app puts the control in the consumer’s hands.
TMC Web Editor Rich Steeves talks to StarupCamp7 Judge’s Choice winner ThruView. ThruView’s mobile applications stream videos from smartphones directly to customer agents offering visual context requied to deliver more efficient customer service, reducing truck rolls increasing efficiency.
TMC Web Editor Rich Steeves interviews Ryan Frankel, Co-founder of VerbalizeIt, winner of the audience prize at StartupCamp7. VerbalizeIt delivers real-time access to human translators to empower business travelers with the ability to connect instantly with a live translator any time of day, anywhere in the world from any device or application.
Rich Tehrani, TMC’s CEO and Group Editor-in-Chief, speaks with Paul Baril, Sr. Innovation Marketing Manager, Philips Lifeline and learns of the company’s unique medical alert solutions.
Rich Tehrani, TMC’s CEO and Group Editor-in-Chief, speaks with Chris Otto, VP, Product Development for MobileHelp and learns of the companies solutions which help seniors when they fall or have an accident.
Rich Tehrani, TMC’s CEO and Group Editor-in-Chief, speaks with Anita Hix, Director of Marketing for Qualcomm Technologies who tells him about a wide range of Qualcomm Wireless Innovations the company released at CES 2013.
Rich Tehrani, TMC’s CEO and Group Editor-in-Chief, speaks with Deepak Das, Sr. Director of Marketing for VisualOn and learns about the company’s technology which allows any video to be streamed on any platform.
Rich Tehrani, TMC’s CEO and Group Editor-in-Chief, speaks with John Ellis, Global Technologist, Connected Services & Solutions, Ford Motor Company about how the automobile app ecosystem is a crucial part of the company’s strategy going forward.
Web Editor Rich Steeves speaks with Lance Friend, CEO of Hyfiniti. Hyfiniti was founded with the mission to help enterprises deliver a more dignified customer service experience, creating solutions for customers who are socially connected and smartphone savvy.
Eshwar Pittampalli discusses the success behind the Open Mobile Alliance Community and what to expect from the organization in the year to come at ITEXPO Miami 2013.
Paul Rusheleau, strategic marketing manager at Magor, talks top technology trends such as video conferencing, mobile devices and WebRTC.
Proteg-GO CEO and founder Raymond Kryzek tells TMC’s Paula Bernier about the company’s personal protection, safety and emergency assistance mobile applications.
Web Editor Rich Steeves speaks with Eric Pratt, president and CEO of Taqua. Pratt discusses Taqua’s relationship with BroadSoft and Intelepeer and talks about its innovations in convergence.
TMCnet’s Erin Harrison speaks with Counterpath’s Todd Carothers about the company’s cloud-hosted client configuration server and BYOD trends.
TMCnet’s Erin Harrison speaks with Counterpath’s Todd Carothers about the company’s cloud-hosted client configuration server and BYOD trends.
TMC’s Stefanie Mosca speaks with Craig Span, Regional Head of Sales – Americas for REVE Systems at ITEXPO Austin 2012 about the company’s VoIP, softswitch, IP billing, dialer and mobile VoIP solutions.
TMC’s Erin Harrison speaks with Domingo Guerra, President and Founder of Appthority, about mobile app risk management and enterprise mobility security concerns.
TMC’s Erin Harrison speaks with Fabio Tylim, VP of Sales, The Americas for APEX Voice Communications, about the company’s HD video conferencing platform and current trends in video conferencing.
TMC’s Rich Steeves speaks with David Rippner, Chief Sales Officer of Bottom Line Solutions
Bottom Line Solution’s Mobility Marketplace provides complete wireless services and device management
TMC’s Rich Steeves speaks with Bill Clark, President of Spindle. Spindle offers Frictionless Finance m-commerce solutions.
TMC’s Rich Steeves speaks with Bill Ramsey, VP and General Manager of Apriva
Apriva provides a wide range of mobile commerce solutions
TMC’s Rich Steeves speaks with John Canosa, General Manager of ThingWorx
As the business world becomes increasingly more mobile, employees will require not only better access to their enterprise applications, but also easier ways to interact with and update those applications and complete business processes. Active Endpoints’ CEP Mark Taber explains why this is so challenging with today’s apps and how to easily automate many of those processes.
Stuart Little discusses the growth of LTE, how microwave is the ideal backhaul technology to support it, along with future opportunities in small cells.
R. Paul Singh of DocSync tells TMC's Rich Tehrani about how his company's iPad application allows users to have a single interface which syncs with not only all the major cloud vendors but networked computers as well.
John Giere from Openwave Mobility talks about the staggering growth of video consumption and new opportunities for monetizing that content by operators.
Bill Barhydt discusses the founding of Boom Financial and the need for cost effective cross-border funds transfer via mobile devices.
Morgan Slain from splashdata explains the need for secure password management to help users protect their sensitive data and account information.
Kourosh Amiri discusses enhancements in content distribution technology that enables smartphone users to extend their content to big screen displays for home and enterprise collaboration.
Allan Johnson from Imagination Technologies discusses trends in social media and mobile apps and how voice and video over IP can be integrated to enhance the experience for users.
DeviceLock CEO Vincent Schiavo details the importance of maintaining data and application security across enterprise mobile infrastructures.
Stuart Little discusses the growth of LTE, how microwave is the ideal backhaul technology to support it, along with future opportunities in small cells.
Norman Gillaspie discusses the latest technologies for video consumption in the home and on mobile devices
Chris Perret of Nukona and now Symantec tells TMC's Rich Tehrani about the company's new mobile device management and security solutions for Android and iOS. One highlight: The Nukona App Center from Symantec now protects data on iOS devices with FIPS 140-2 certified encryption
Ketan Joshi from AtHoc tells TMC's Rich Tehrani about his company's emergency notification solutions which span across communications methods such as SMS. He further describes their wide range of customers - especially in government and a new mobile app.
Amit Kumar of Lexity details his company's marketing apps which allow SMB merchants to compete more effectively with Amazon and other large retailers. Their apps help with Facebook marketing, tracking interest on Pinterest and more.
Naeem Zafar of BitzerMobile discusses the challenges of BYOD and why traditional MDM solutions aren't enough.
Tony Gauda from Bitcasa talks about why mobile users need unlimited storage capacity on their devices.
Jennifer Hawkins of DoubleDutch tells TMC's Rich Tehrani about their Hive CRM app which was designed from the ground up to run on mobile devices. In addition she touches on other DoubleDutch solutions such as Flock and Pride.
Yossi Zohar tells TMC's Rich Tehrani about Amdoc's research in the zero touch customer management space which details the trend towards customers being ready to use mobile devices to effectively manage their interactions with carriers.
Rand Wacker of CloudPassage details his company’s GhostPort-based multi-factor authentication solutions utilizing passwords, a mobile key and SMS.
By using transcoding technology that is separate from content packaging technology, service providers can future-proof their service delivery capabilities to be able to easily upgrade software to be able to easily deliver any forms of content to any device.
Cable operators have a need to deliver a cross platform experience and show they are more than just TV. In an IP environment, the ability to manage and delver service across multiple network and device environments will help operators differentiate themselves.
Extending the concept of unified communications to the multi-device environment and residential subscriber, UXP systems and Columbus Communications take the video anywhere concept to a new level, allowing customers to take not only their content, but their home telephony services wherever they go.
With all the OTT and alternative service providers trying to steal small pieces of business, legacy operators need to be able to integrate next generation voice, video and messaging capabilities, including mobility, into their infrastructures and portfolios.
Mobile video conversations often suffer from service quality. Eyeball Networks guarantees 100% connectivity for it's voice and video over IP services for high quality mobile enterprise communications.
Nancy Ridge tells Rich Tehrani about Telecombrokers growth into managing BYOD security as well as remote desktop management
Douglas Louie tells Rich Tehrani about how SmithMicor's holistic MDM solutions allow optimal management of enterprise mobility deployment
Richard Bliss tells Rich Tehrani about zombie killing, wireless expense management and other ways Amtel saves customers money.
Google and Facebook Gone in 5 years?

Rich Tehrani discusses a recent Forbes article by Eric Jackson about how Google and Facebook and other Web 2.0 companies can end up like AOL, Myspace and Yahoo with the next iteration of the web, Mobile Web.
Carl Ford of Crossfire Media summarizes the event that took place in Santa Clara last week and speaks about the upcoming DevCon event in New York City
Rich Steeves talks about some of the highlights at this year's Mobile World Congress held in Barcelona Spain
TMC’s Rich Tehrani speaks with Adam Stein, Marketing Director of Mobile Iron
TMC's Rich Tehrani speaks with Jim Manis, Chairman & CEO of Mobile Giving Foundation
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Joel Brand of Byte Mobile explains how his company helps carriers reduce video and other traffic on their networks and subsequently make them more efficient.
4GWE Carl Ford speaks with Joel Brand, VP, Product Management, Bytemobile
Federal Court Halts Scheme Responsible for More Than $10 Million in Unauthorized Charges...
Samsung to Introduce Android-Powered Galaxy S Smartphone...
Apple vs. Google in the Showdown for...Ads?...
iPhone Available Soon on T-Mobile: Verizon’s Hopes Crushed...
4GWE Carl Ford speaks with Carol Glennon, Founder, Renu Mobile
A frank discussion with a very passionate Keith Saft who discusses Yahoo's new mobile home page and strategy while pointing out why the company believes editors are better than algorithms alone.
Verizon Will Ramp Up VoIP Effort Sooner Than You Think...
Sprint Nextel to Acquire Virgin Mobile USA...
AT&T U-Verse Voice Rolled Out on TV's Anniversary...
PrivacyPhone To Protect U.S. Residents...
Vodafone & China Mobile Commit to LTE/SAE...
Skype Introduces Screen Sharing Feature...
TMC's Rich Tehrani Speaks with Perry Nalevka, Director of Business Development, MobileMax
Daily Headlines and happenings in communications