Jim Sherhart from Drobo explains data storage challenges in the SMB market and how drobo's on-premises hardware-based storage solves them cost effectively and securely.
Jeff Sosa of Virident tells TMC's Rich Tehrani about the company's FlashMax flash-based memory cards which accelerate application performance.
Noam Shendar of Zadara Storage tells TMC's Rich Tehrani about his company's premium cloud-based storage solutions providing high-speed access to data with the traditional OPEX Vs. CAPEX cloud benefits.
Rich Petersen from SanDisks's FlashSoft team details his company's enterprise storage solutions - supports RAID and how the company leverages its consumer and enterprise divisions synergistically.
Radhika Krishnan the Head of Product & Alliances at NimbleStorage tells TMC's Rich Tehrani about her company's proprietary software blends the best of solid state and spinning disk to yield the speed of memory at a price which is lower that 100% flash-based solutions
As businesses collect more and more data, they will require storage capabilities that are easily and secure, accessible, and quickly scalable for pure storage as well as data analytics.
Tom Leydan of Amplidata tells TMC’s Rich Tehrani how his company allows its customers to efficiently store massive amounts of information via hardware using a proprietary mathematical solution which is more available than tape and more efficient than RAID. Uses include video storage and building more cost-effective cloud solutions.
TMC's Rich Tehrani speaks with John Gilmartin, Sr. Director of Product Marketing for Coraid
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