Matt Moore discusses how Crowdmob helps companies target and acquire valuable users and how HTML5 impacts the development of its platform.
Mike Strange discusses why mobile imaging is so compelling, trends in mobile imaging, what the technology is like behind the scenes and Mitek’s participation at DevCon5.
Peter Dunkley discusses real-time communications, open-source software and the role HTML5 plays in the development of WebRTC.
Dave Otten discusses HTML5 and delivering video for the Web and mobile at DevCon5.
Enterprises must deal with a host of regulations and business processes, so why make communications complicated? WebRTC can simplify enterprise communications with a few simple lines of code. With the prevalence of mobile devices in the workforce creating a strain on legacy communications infrastructure, companies that get ahead of the WebRTC curve can ensure smooth, easy communication and collaboration among employees and customers. WebRTC is the future of communications, and the future is now.

Hugh Finnan, Director of Product Management Google Chrome
Dave Jodoin, Chief Innovation Officer, Thrupoint
Todd Simpson (former) Chief of Innovations, Mozilla
Joe Burton, CTO, Plantronics
looking to understand the impact of HTML5 on the web. Discussions focus on HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript and a great deals of Graphical and Framework solutions that help HTML5 Development. November 28 & 29 in South San Francisco
With HTML5, operators have the ability to deliver content of all types to subscribers across devices and networks through the cloud.
Software testing always seems to take more time than operators have, especially in a multi-device environment. Having a trusted third party to perform the first 80% of the testing can significantly decrease time to market.
Carl Ford of Crossfire Media summarizes the event that took place in Santa Clara last week and speaks about the upcoming DevCon event in New York City
A discussion of Adobe's new Edge product which allows more productive HTML5 development.