Alianza's CLOUDEDGE Simplifies Legacy Voice Migration for Telcos

By Greg Tavarez May 21, 2024

For at least the past decade, telecommunications companies have fought many battles with the challenge of managing their existing infrastructure – often referred to as legacy systems – while simultaneously developing and deploying new features and services. This balancing act has hampered their ability to grow revenue and left them exposed to competition from over-the-top, or OTT, providers.

Legacy systems, built on older technologies, are expensive to maintain. Modifying them to accommodate new functionalities is time-consuming and risky. This focus on legacy systems diverts resources away from innovation, which makes it difficult for telcos to keep pace with the rapid advancements in the industry.

OTT providers, on the other hand, operate with an advantage. Unburdened by the weight of legacy infrastructure, they develop and deploy new services quickly and efficiently. Additionally, OTT providers often specialize in specific areas. This allows them to offer a more streamlined user experience compared to the comprehensive suite of services traditionally offered by telcos.

Back to telcos, the struggle to innovate has had a direct impact on their financial performance. The inability to offer cutting-edge services restricts their ability to attract new customers and retain existing ones. Additionally, the high costs associated with maintaining legacy systems squeeze profit margins.

To streamline the migration of legacy voice infrastructure to the cloud for telcos, telecommunications cloud provider Alianza (News - Alert) recently announced the launch of CLOUDEDGE. This new access control solution promises a low-risk approach for telcos as it aims to reduce operational complexity, improve network management efficiency and pave the way for faster service innovation.

Key features of CLOUDEDGE include:

  • Mixed-access use cases: Supports multiple access technologies through gateway control.
  • Protocol translation: Easily handles various communication protocols to ensure interoperability and enhanced network connectivity.
  • Emergency standalone services: Maintains uninterrupted communication during emergencies by providing standalone routing for local voice and 911 traffic, regardless of SIP or non-SIP endpoints.

The consolidation of core communication services onto a single platform promises a lower total cost of ownership for telcos. Streamlined business management and billing processes are further facilitated by an API that allows seamless customer operation management and integration with billing software and other cloud solutions. These improvements in efficiency unlock resources for telcos to focus on service innovation.

"The development of CLOUDEDGE marks a significant milestone in the journey towards the Telco 3.0 reality of modernized telco operations," said Dag Peak, Chief Product Officer of Alianza. "Telcos can now embark on their transformation journey [from TDM to the cloud] with confidence, knowing they have a robust and reliable platform to support their evolving needs and propel their business forward to what's next as innovation continues."

Alianza remains committed to driving innovation and empowering telcos to thrive in an increasingly digital world. CLOUDEDGE is no doubt a step in the right direction for achieving this mission and heralds a new era of efficiency and agility in telecommunications.

Edited by Alex Passett
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