Salesforce Explores Generative AI's Role in the Workplace: Learn More About GenAI Impacts at Generative AI Expo

By Greg Tavarez December 01, 2023

Generative AI is a pervasive topic capturing widespread attention and interest across various industries and disciplines. The ability of generative AI models, like GPT-4, to generate human-like text, images and even code, has sparked excitement and speculation, especially among business professionals.

Speaking of that excitement and speculation, according to recent research by Salesforce, a division exists among workers regarding their perspectives on generative AI. Employees acknowledge the advantages of generative AI, with 61% of employees currently using generative AI or have plans to integrate it into their workflows. Even two-thirds of IT leaders said they have prioritized generative AI for their business within the next 18 months, and 33% said it was a top priority.

This closely aligns with the opinions of marketers that Salesforce found as part of its Generative AI Snapshot Series where more than half of marketers currently use generative AI. The areas that marketers typically utilize this tech center around basic content creation, copywriting, stimulating creative ideation, analyzing market data and generating image assets. This list only highlights the multifaceted utility of generative AI.

Marketers also anticipate a transformative impact on their roles through the integration of generative AI with almost three-fourths saying generative AI will streamline their workflows by eliminating mundane tasks, thereby enabling them to dedicate more time to strategic endeavors, according to the research. The optimism extends further, with marketers anticipating a time-saving benefit – an estimated five hours per week, translating to over a month annually.

However, marketers did express reservations with concerns about accuracy and quality as their foremost worry, followed by issues of trust, skills and job safety. Maybe some of these concerns stem from the fact that marketers, and employees in general, aren’t fully trained with the tech. They are kind of doing their own thing with it.

Salesforce’s research reveals that seven in 10 marketers say their employers currently do not provide generative AI training. This is a bit concerning because 39% of marketers don’t know how to use generative AI safely, and 43% said they don’t know how to get the most value out of it.

This is a trickle-down effect from the top as many business leaders also appear to overestimate their ability to use generative AI responsibly. Salesforce’s research showed most C-suite leaders claim they know how to use generative AI while keeping data secure — compared to only 29% of individual contributors.

“We ask ourselves daily, what can our customers solve with AI?” said Clara Shih, CEO of Salesforce AI. “For example, in marketing, it’s using AI to identify audience segments and auto-generate landing page images and copy. The business value comes from driving efficiency as well as consistently higher quality by augmenting every employee at every turn.”

There is clear evidence that companies have a gap to close when it comes to ensuring generative AI is effectively adopted and used. Employees need training, no matter if they are in marketing or sales, especially with the risk of malicious actors using generative AI to create new security risks.

Be part of the discussion about the latest trends and developments in the Generative AI space at Generative AI Expo, taking place February 13-15, 2024, in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Generative AI Expo discusses the evolution of GenAI and feature conversations focused on the potential for GenAI across industries and how the technology is already being used to create new opportunities for businesses to improve operations, enhance customer experiences, and create new growth opportunities.

Edited by Greg Tavarez
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