TMC Labs Unified Communications Innovation Award Winners Cater to Modern Businesses

By TMCnet Staff October 10, 2023

2023 stands out as a year of groundbreaking innovation in the communications space. Companies have surged ahead, introducing products that redefine their respective sectors, offering solutions that are both technologically advanced and user-centric.

AMOP, with its Revenue Assurance tool, showcases a deep understanding of the intricacies of billing, merging technology and user experience in a virtually unmatched manner. AVer Information USA's offerings, the A30 and the MT300N, demonstrate the company's commitment to simplifying hybrid connectivity and fostering collaboration, ensuring adaptability in both corporate and educational sectors. Similarly, Grupo NGN's NGNCloudComm platform continues its legacy of aligning with modern business needs, especially in the realm of contact center technology. Volli Communications, through its Volli Business Suite, caters to a spectrum of communication requirements, from voice calls to comprehensive messaging solutions, emphasizing flexibility and clarity. Finally, Wildix (News - Alert), with x-hoppers, presents a fresh take on retail communication, bridging wireless technology with cloud-based solutions.

As we delve deeper into these innovations, we invite you to explore how each of these companies and their products are shaping the future of communications. We wish a hearty congratulations to all these 2023 TMC Labs Unified Communications Innovation Award Winners!

Revenue Assurance

AMOP, with its Revenue Assurance tool, has positioned itself as a significant player in ensuring billing accuracy in the market. Not only does it address the complexities surrounding the financial aspects of businesses, but it also actively seeks to integrate technology for better user experience, primarily serving the enterprise sector.

The heart of AMOP's offering, the Revenue Assurance solution, was developed to ensure meticulous billing by cross-referencing and verifying domains and seats within the Netsapiens system against the billing platform. This careful synchronization provides businesses with a dependable way to oversee and confirm their billing activities. It offers a fresh perspective in a crowded market, highlighting AMOP's commitment to innovation.

What distinguishes AMOP further is its robust suite of features. From Mobility Usage Billing to IoT Usage Billing, AMOP has consistently demonstrated the capability to address various billing needs. UCaaS Revenue Assurance also forms a vital part of their feature set, indicating their prowess in unified communications.

Recent efforts have been directed towards enhancing platform efficiencies. With advanced M2M inventory management and refined processes for ordering SIMs and activations, AMOP is constantly evolving to cater to ever-changing business needs.

AMOP's Revenue Assurance tool is a testament to its commitment to precise billing, especially for the enterprise sector. Its seamless integration with popular platforms like Netsapiens and, coupled with a plethora of unique features, positions it as a leading solution in its domain.

AVer Information Inc. USA

Like most of us, AVer Information USA has recognized the increasing demand for hybrid connectivity in modern corporate and educational settings. With the introduction of the A30, the company has effectively bridged the gap, providing a tool that caters to multiple needs with ease.

The A30 is not merely a camera; it's a manifestation of what a modern device should be – adaptable and multifunctional. Whether it's for video conferencing in a corporate boardroom or visualizing material in an educational setting, the A30 proves its versatility. The design and the functionalities it offers make it a unique device in the market, integrating a visualizer, microphone, and speaker into one cohesive unit.

One of the major strengths of the A30 is its compatibility. It’s no secret that Microsoft Teams and Zoom dominate the communication landscape. Not surprisingly, AVer ensures that the A30 integrates seamlessly with these and other platforms. This ease of integration is crucial, as it means reduced set-up times and increased productivity.

The A30 from AVer Information Inc. USA is more than just a camera; it's a forward-thinking solution tailored for hybrid connectivity. By combining multiple functionalities into one device and ensuring compatibility with major platforms, it provides unparalleled versatility for corporate and educational environments.

AVer Information Inc. USA

Post-COVID, more than ever, businesses constantly seek innovative solutions to foster collaboration. AVer Information USA, with its MT300N, has sculpted a product to empower medium to large conference and collaborative spaces. This avant-garde NDI matrix tracking box introduces an amalgamation of technologies that are apt for corporate and enterprise settings.

The MT300N, even though it’s the inaugural version, has demonstrated its proficiency as an integrative tool. Designed to accentuate AVer ProAV devices in various settings, it seamlessly blends voice tracking capabilities into a compact form-factor. This distinction allows businesses to sidestep the dependency on high-priced in-room PCs or servers, courtesy of AVer’s PTZ Link, a streamlined web-based interface.

Delving into its technical facets, the MT300N adopts the NDI|HX2 format with an intrinsic encode support, a feature that sets it apart. Moreover, it proudly wears the badge of versatility, offering compatibility with third-party microphones from notable audio brands like Sennheiser, Shure, Yamaha (News - Alert), and more. To add an extra layer of dynamism, AVer has facilitated customizable multi-camera switching. With the premium version of AVer PTZ Link, users can operate up to five groups of AVer cameras and microphones, enabling smooth automatic video switching.

While the competition in the market is tough, AVer's MT300N boasts several unique attributes. Its partnership and subsequent certification with giants like Microsoft Teams, Zoom, and RingCentral underscore its capability to furnish a high-caliber and user-friendly meeting environment. This synergy with third-party applications is aimed to turbocharge productivity and efficiency, showcasing AVer's commitment to refine communication experiences.

Beyond its primary features, the MT300N is also empowered with AVer’s pioneering AI acoustic technology. This advancement ensures pristine sound clarity, complete with echo cancellation. By actively diminishing background disturbances, it guarantees a smooth and uninterrupted collaborative experience, mirroring AVer’s dedication to excellence.

The MT300N by AVer Information USA seeks to redefine collaborative experiences in medium to large settings. From its voice tracking capabilities to its harmonization with leading software platforms, it is corporate a beacon of innovation.

Grupo NGN

Grupo NGN, established in 1995, stands as a pioneering entity in the contact center. Its flagship solution, the NGNCloudComm platform, has continually evolved, ensuring alignment with modern business needs. The 2023 release, version 9.2, underscores this commitment.

The NGNCloudComm platform is tailored to cater to diverse entities, from in-house contact centers to large-scale BPOs. Its dynamic scalability allows it to smoothly accommodate anywhere from 20 agent seats to several thousand. The platform's core competency lies in its Omnichannel/Optichannel framework, enabling agents to effortlessly engage customers through multiple mediums: voice, chat, SMS, email, and bots. Its expansive feature set, inclusive of IVRs, Agent Gamification, and the provision for both cloud and on-premises deployments, showcases its versatility.

A distinguishing hallmark of NGNCloudComm is the incorporation of real-time voice translation and transcription facilitated by AI. It also boasts the Optichannel capability, ensuring seamless channel transition. Another innovative feature, EngageNow, enables the transformation of any web device into a potent communication tool. The recent introduction of an IVR-controlled data API streamlines data processing, and the custom-built compliance engine remains updated with regulatory mandates.

Organizations seeking varied deployment methodologies will find NGNCloudComm aligning with their requirements. The platform effortlessly transitions between cloud-based setups, on-premises infrastructures, and even hybrid configurations. Cloud deployments negate the need for client-end hardware, whereas on-prem configurations utilize virtual machines to operationalize the platform.

NGNCloudComm's myriad features, from its Omnichannel capabilities and concurrent licensing model to continuous free feature enhancements and a unique multi-instance hosting approach, collaboratively ensure unparalleled service delivery while prioritizing data security.

Volli Communications
Volli Business Suite (VBS)

Volli Communications targets a diverse clientele, from small businesses to large enterprises and service providers. The goal? To cater to the communication needs across various sectors, without being limited by scale or geography.

The Volli Business Suite delivers a collection of tools aimed at refining business communication. Volli Connect stands out for its SIP services, emphasizing voice call quality. Expanding the scope is Volli Business, which adds essential communication tools, including calling, video conferencing, messaging, and more. Volli Direct is particularly noteworthy as a direct routing solution designed for Microsoft Teams, integrating features like E911 tracking and adherence to regulatory standards. Completing the suite is Volli SMS, a versatile SMS solution suitable for diverse applications, from marketing campaigns to secure alerts and charity initiatives.

As a hosted service, Volli Communications minimizes on-site requirements. Users only need a device with internet connectivity and either a browser or the associated application. On the flip side, the service operates on robust servers and specialized software, managing components like VoIP, SMS services, and direct routing for Microsoft Teams.

Volli Communications has introduced an advanced porting platform that adds value to its services. The caliber of its SIP services, enhanced through collaborations with industry leaders like Fortinet (News - Alert), AudioCodes,, and Viirtue, ensures easy integration into pre-existing systems or functions as a holistic solution.

Volli Communications offers a cohesive platform for diverse communication needs. With a spectrum ranging from SIP Trunking, VoIP, SMS to Microsoft Teams' direct routing, it provides a unified solution. The suite's flexibility allows it to meet specific business communication needs effectively.

The suite boasts features that set it apart. Volli Direct, for instance, integrates advanced functions such as E911 tracking while also adhering to regulatory standards, balancing efficiency with safety. Additionally, Volli emphasizes interactive two-way communication.

The Volli Business Suite emerges as a versatile solution tailored to meet the varied communication demands of businesses, irrespective of their scale. Encompassing tools that ensure pristine voice clarity to seamless Microsoft Teams integration, this suite reflects a commitment to delivering cohesive communication experiences, enhanced further by strategic industry partnerships.


Since its launch in April 2022, x-hoppers by Wildix represents a transformative shift in retail communication. This comprehensive retail headset system is ingeniously crafted to integrate wireless push-to-talk headsets with a cloud-centric communication system. The system connects all store employees on a unified voice channel, enhancing in-store experiences and boosting customer conversions.

Wildix introduced the initial version (v1.1) of x-hoppers in April 2022, and later updated it to v1.2, released in February of this year. With x-hoppers, Wildix aims to cater to a global audience, and the company collaborates with dedicated MSPs to ensure seamless installation and support across borders.

By integrating unique features such as DECT (News - Alert) technology for secure communications and QR code call points for customer inquiries, x-hoppers has positioned itself at the forefront of retail innovation. Furthermore, with the recent partnership with Veesion, Wildix has added AI camera capabilities to x-hoppers, providing retailers an enhanced security solution to combat theft.

In the competitive landscape, prominent contenders such as Microsoft Teams, Google Chat, RingCentral MVP, and others are notable. However, what differentiates x-hoppers is its distinct functionality dedicated to enhancing retail communication.

The retail communication solution provided by x-hoppers is not just about reducing steps but is centered around amplifying in-store conversions by emphasizing customer care. Wildix has developed x-hoppers as a holistic platform that combines communications software, retail analytics, and SaaS (News - Alert) solutions, ensuring maximum convenience and efficiency for retailers globally.

Edited by Erik Linask
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