Telecom Analytics as a Service: Eureka AI Joins Google Cloud

By Greg Tavarez September 07, 2023

The recent strides in AI are massive. Look at what generative AI has accomplished in the past year. In fact, according to McKinsey & Company's projections, generative AI holds the potential to amplify global corporate profits by $4.4 trillion annually.

One illustrative application of this technology lies in catering to underserved consumer segments. A recent comprehensive study by TransUnion, titled "Empowering Credit Inclusion," unveiled a pressing need for financial inclusion across a broad spectrum of economies, encompassing both well-developed and emerging ones. The study illuminated that in mature markets like the U.S., Canada and Hong Kong, a substantial portion of the population, ranging from 15% to 30%, remained underserved in terms of credit accessibility. In emerging markets such as South Africa and India, this underserved demographic soared to as high as 50% of the population.

Eureka AI, a software company that delivers enterprises actionable intelligence at scale by applying AI to telecom and population scale data sets, sees these markets as opportunities for global growth. Therefore, the company entered a partnership with Google (News - Alert) Cloud to enable operators worldwide to deploy Eureka's AI Platform and suite of Analytics products to improve revenues and profitability.

The collaboration with Google Cloud introduces an opportunity for operators to extend Eureka AI's suite of highly scalable and privacy-secured products to their B2B enterprise partners. These offerings are designed to empower digital business growth and foster financial inclusion.

Among the suite of products are Spectrum (News - Alert), a financial inclusion platform that leverages alternative data to assess risk and target credit-underserved populations globally. Another key component is Omni, a market research platform that enables businesses to expand their digital brands by evaluating market size, penetration, brand performance relative to competitors, and emerging market dynamics.

The suite includes Pinpoint, which provides unified location intelligence and population mobility data to equip businesses with detailed insights into locations, traffic trends, the effectiveness of digital out-of-home advertising, competitive business analytics, cross-entity flow, correlations and recommendations.

Explorer, an audience intelligence platform, also facilitates segment analysis, look-alike modeling, app usage understanding, consumer app recommendations, and advanced interest-based marketing. Lastly, DS2 (News - Alert), an AI/ML-ops platform designed for data scientists, offers essential capabilities like data discovery, feature engineering, model lifecycle management, and ongoing monitoring.

This partnership thus opens new horizons for B2B enterprises looking to harness cutting-edge technology to drive growth and inclusivity.

"Our strategic partnership with Google Cloud on joint go-to-market efforts and faster Google Cloud deployments will accelerate growth and adoption of Eureka AI's products globally," said Benjamin Soemartopo, CEO of Eureka AI.

The combined power of Eureka AI and Google Cloud will serve the demand for Telecom Analytics As-A-Service, financial inclusion and digital market intelligence on a global scale.

Edited by Alex Passett
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