Precisely Collaborates with Customers Worldwide to Foster Trust in ESG Reporting

By Greg Tavarez May 02, 2023

Environmental, social and governance, or ESG, initiatives are a hot topic across various industries and platforms. From workplaces to social media, the significance of ESG issues is being discussed more and more, these days.

In the past, companies could attract new customers, investors and employees through the quality of their products and services alone. However, this is no longer always the case. While offering a certain quality of products and services remains important, stakeholders are interested in knowing how engaged companies are in supporting sustainable ESG initiatives.

It is becoming increasingly crucial for companies to demonstrate their commitment to ESG values to win the loyalty of their customers, investors and employees.

How do organizations respond to this?

According to Precisely, the answer is “to move faster, remain compliant and accurately demonstrate and quantify a commitment to ESG initiatives, along with a data strategy that must prioritize data integrity – data that’s accurate, consistent and has context.”

Taking that into account, Precisely partnered with customers worldwide to build trust in data for effective ESG reporting processes. The Precisely Data Integrity Suite, combined with expert services, helps customers integrate multiple sources of ESG data in real-time and improve data quality and governance while complying with industry regulations.

Organizations that use data integrity in their ESG reporting processes see benefits such as improved alignment of ESG data with other datasets, enhanced organization of data from multiple sources, more robust standards and controls for data accuracy and consistency and better governance of data storage and exchange between systems.

Vontobel, an investment firm with Swiss origins, took a proactive step toward maintaining data integrity by collaborating with Precisely, aimed at enhancing the company's investment strategies, with a particular focus on ESG compliance. By partnering with Precisely, Vontobel aims to stay ahead of the curve and provide its clients with the most effective investment solutions that align with their sustainability goals. The firm's commitment to sustainability and data integrity highlights its dedication to delivering exceptional services to its clients.

“Investors, employees and consumers alike want to know the companies they’re investing in, working for, and buying from not only meet their personal standards of ethics but are doing their part to create a better world,” said Precisely Chief Revenue Officer Pat McCarthy. “To stay compliant and achieve meaningful outcomes businesses need to prioritize data integrity in sustainability reporting and build trust in the data fueling their decisions.”

With new research from IDC showing that data management concerns are the leading driver for ESG investment, there is no better time for businesses to leverage trusted data to drive accurate reporting processes, achieve meaningful outcomes and unlock true business value from ESG-focused initiatives. And Precisely is the answer to achieve that.

Edited by Alex Passett
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