Fathom Adds $4.7 in New Investments for Zoom Notetaker

By Luke Bellos, Editor, TMCnet  |  January 25, 2022

Artificial intelligence is advancing at an impressive rate, and the business world is wasting no time trying to harness it to improve workforce productivity and customer satisfaction. While the tech is nowhere close to competing with highly skilled employees, in its current form, it allows many organizations to seriously improve a number of tedious, necessary, workplace responsibilities.

This week, TechCrunch reported AI-startup Fathom recently raised $4.7 million in seed round investments to support the ongoing development of a note taking application for Zoom Meetings. With the application, sales agents and employees are able to transcribe customer and team video conversations and summarize the details for future reference. The application also allows users to store the video conference into CRM systems, enabling users to send transcripts to team members and analyze service performance to improve performance.

The seed round was supported by Zoom’s own App fund, as well as Maven Ventures, Bill Tai and Matt Ocko, Character.vc, Active Capital, Global Founders Capital, Rackhouse.vc and Soma Capital. Fathom also received funding from the CEOs of Reddit, Twitch, Cruise, Mercury, People.ai, Shogun, and Snapdocs.

Jim Scheinman,founding managing partner at Maven Ventures, told TechCrunch, “Zoom has already transformed our lives and the way we do business — now that we live on video, the need and opportunity for Fathom is obvious,” said “The Fathom team is incredibly strong and experienced, and they’re solving a key problem that Zoom customers face on a daily basis and will change the way people experience their business calls for the better. Being one of the first deeply integrated Zoom Apps opens the door for massive growth.”

The growing dependence on video conferencing in the remote business world could make Fathom’s notetaker a game changer for improving customer experiences remotely. Although similar tech does exist at the moment, having Fathom’s highly prominent team of investors could help the company elevate its technology above the competition.

Edited by Maurice Nagle