NetSfere, Deutsche Telekom Announce Joint Deployment

By Luke Bellos, Editor, TMCnet  |  November 18, 2021

Enterprise message service provider NetSfere recently announced a new partnership with global telecommunications company Deutsche Telekom to deploy the NetSfere messaging platform at St. Augustinus hospitals throughout Germany.

The majority of employees across St Augustinus hospitals utilize modern communications methods, such as texting and social media messaging, for quick communications with other staff members. However, many popular services do not comply with the necessary privacy and security requirements across the healthcare industry. To offer staff members the convenience of message with proper security measures, Netsfere and Deutsche Telekom (News - Alert) joined together to provide the entire  hospital network with NetSfere’s HIPAA and GDPR compliant messaging platform.

“NetSfere is designed to meet security and compliance requirements in regulated verticals including healthcare,” says Franz Obermayer, NetSfere’s Vice President Europe. “Medical professionals do high-pressure, life-changing work, which demands a communication platform that enables them to do so more effectively. Our partnership with the St. Augustinus Group provides secure, compliant, and flexible messaging options that eliminate the need for staff members to turn to risky messaging apps. With NetSfere, the exchange of patient data is protected to the maximum.”

The NetSfere messaging platform differs from commonly used applications (WhatsApp,Facebook (News - Alert) Messenger, etc.) not just in terms of security, but with additional features including group video conferencing and HD audio. NetSfere recently introduced a new feature called NetSfere Lifeline emergency broadcast, which enables hospital staff to instantly send out emergency alerts to targeted staff members or the entire organization.

“In the sensitive medical environment, it must be possible to communicate quickly and securely. NetSfere is the specialist for instant messages in companies. Telekom brings its expertise in security, consulting, and service. Together, we can meet the special industry requirements, and that is quite crucial right now,” added Hagen Rickmann, Managing Director Business Customers, Telekom Deutschland GmbH.

Edited by Maurice Nagle