5G or Wi-Fi 6: What's the Future of Enterprise Wireless?

By Special Guest
Manuel Vexler, Sr. Digital Transformation Consultant, Integra100
  |  February 25, 2021

Should we use 5G or Wi-Fi 6?  It's a widely debated dilemma across the enterprise market.  How should they approach their future wireless investments with the emergence of 5G and Wi-Fi 6 technologies? To wait delays large potential benefits and there is no guarantee that a clear winner will emerge anytime soon. This paper addresses the dilemma by recommending a change of perspective. After reading this paper, you will be better prepared to select your best path forward.

The suggested perspective focuses on integration of 5G and Wi-Fi 6 wireless access technologies into a single, seamless system by using the enhanced versatility of the 5G control plane.  Technology for such a system is fully standardized and can be purchased and deployed now, allowing you to broaden your vendor selection and optimize your wireless spending. Twenty years of competition between mobile and Wi-Fi may be finally coming to an end.

This paper is a call to action to:

  • All decision-makers, who can resolve the apparent dilemma by integrating 5G access with Wi-Fi 6E using an integrated communications platform
  • Focus on a fully standardized and ready to be operationalized architecture
  • Allow enterprises to broaden their range of potential suppliers
  • Help CSPs compete for greater enterprise share of wallet
  • Enlarge the ecosystem to include enterprise solutions for Industry 4.0, smart agriculture, digital health, and smart cities

Read the full report, 5G vs. Wi-Fi 6:  A False Dilemma for more detail on the future of enterprise wireless and how Wi-Fi and 5G fit in.  Will one model dominate or can they co-exist successfully?

Edited by Erik Linask