Data Diode Technology Pioneer Owl Cyber Defense Acquires Trident ACS Products Line

By Tracey E. Schelmetic, TMCnet Contributor  |  January 13, 2021

Cyber defense is an oft-discussed topic nowadays, for good reason. With more of the nation and the world’s critical operations routed over the Internet, protecting these interests is more important than ever, particularly as hackers and other bad actors become more sophisticated. Many analysts note that solutions like firewalls that worked 25 years ago as a network protection approach are no longer effective against nation-state quality attacks.

Owl Cyber Defense Solutions, LLC is a pioneer what’s known as “data diode technology.” The Columbia, Maryland-based company says it is the only solutions provider with cross domain solutions enforced with data diodes. The technology is accredited by the U.S. Government and EAL Certified, offering enterprise and mobile tactical solutions.

Data diodes are small hardware devices, sometimes called "unidirectional security gateways", that sit between two networks. They operate like a check valve: the function of the data diode is to allow all data to pass in the forward direction, while blocking all data in the reverse direction.

Now, the company is expanding its market reach. Owl Cyber Defense Solutions has announced the acquisition of the Trident (News - Alert) Assured Collaboration Systems (ACS) product line. ACS has the only U.S. government approved voice over IP and video teleconference cross domain solutions as well as the industry’s most advanced full motion video filtering capability – functionality critical to CDS operations in an era of drones and cameras. The acquisition gives Owl a broader range of certified network perimeter defense solutions than any competitor in the market, it said.

Owl, backed by private investment firm DC Capital Partners, has been a provider of CDSs to the U.S. Department of Defense and intelligence community for more than 20 years. Owl is also a leader in cybersecurity protection for critical infrastructure, offering the only U.S. government tested and accredited CDSs available for deployment inside and outside the U.S to both government and commercial clients. 

“Owl has been rapidly moving towards this number one position in CDSs for the last couple of years,” said Robert Stalick, President and CEO of Owl, in a statement. “With the addition of ACS (News - Alert), the last piece has fallen into place. Owl is now the clear leader in accredited cross domain solution offerings, with the widest range of capabilities and products – solving problems from tactical to enterprise in data, voice, and video; for government, critical infrastructure, and commercial enterprises.”

Edited by Maurice Nagle