FCC Revises STIR/SHAKEN Service Provider Requirements

By Maurice Nagle, Web Editor  |  December 01, 2020

The United States Federal Communications Commission – better known as the FCC (News - Alert) – has a lot on its plate, to say the least. When the nuisance that is robocalls earned public enemy status, STIR/SHAKEN was put in place, but initial policy implementation didn’t quite cover all the bases.

Today, the FCC announced that based on recommendations from the Cloud Communications Alliance (CCA) the Secure Telephone Identity Governance Authority (STI-GA) will abridge requirements in robocall prevention policy.

“Under the previous policy, many VoIP providers – including CCA members – were disqualified from participating in the call authentication framework even though the FCC would require participation," said Mark Iannuzzi, Chairman of CCA Government Affairs Committee and CEO of TelNet (News - Alert).

Specifically speaking, the new FCC policy allows CCA members to leverage STIR/SHAKEN via FCC Robocall Mitigation Database. The initial policy put forth by STI-GA required service providers have direct access to telephone numbers, disqualifying a number of CCA members from implementing STIR/SHAKEN and creating an environment for competitive disadvantage.

"This is great news not just for providers, but for their customers and consumers who will be better assured of the identity of callers. In turn, providers will be able to more quickly and accurately trace back to the source of a call and identify bad actors easily,” Iannuzzi continued.

How are robocalls impacting your business?

Edited by Maurice Nagle