Does Your Communications and Collaboration Platform Provide Wire to Wire Security?

By Erik Linask October 06, 2020

With all the communications and collaboration solutions available today, do we really need another option?  The answer is, if you’re just looking for features, probably not.  But, if you’re looking for enhanced security to protect your business, you have a new alternative that’s already being used by more than 1,800 enterprises.

After four years in development, Wire has announced its WebRTC-based enterprise collaboration platform with the features businesses have come to expect, including messaging, video and audio conferencing, and file sharing.  While other platforms boast about their ability to host massive conferences with hundreds or even thousands of participants, Wire focused on smaller groups (12 for video and 25 for audio conferences).  While there may be a place for larger events, Wire believes the most impactful and productive collaboration happens in smaller settings.

Wire also enables extending collaboration to external customers and partners through its guest room feature.  It also provides native apps for mobile, desktop, and browser users.  Each account may be used on up to eight devices, allowing users maximum flexibility to work how and where they want.  For its Pro version, it also offers flexible deployment options – public cloud, private cloud, on-premises – and APIs for integration with other enterprise systems.

But, where Wire has really focused its efforts is securing its platform.  While the features and functionality of the Wire platform are more or less industry standard, we’ve already seen vulnerabilities on other platforms exposed in recent months.   Wire has integrated many security features to not only protect its platform against phishing attacks and other threats, but also to specifically protect its video conferencing capabilities. 

“Customers are fed up with constant security updates and promises about what will come in the future,” said Morten Brøgger, Wire CEO.  “It all just increases the burden of security on employees and doesn’t get to the heart of the problem.  There is a clear discrepancy between what businesses have been told is coming and what they need today.”

Wire’s platform provides persistent end-to-end encryption for all internal and external communications, along with device fingerprinting between users.  But it goes even further.  Wire uses new encryption keys for every message, shared file, and call.  That means, if a key is somehow leaked, previous and future conversations remain secure.  In addition, each device uses individual encryption keys, so if a smartphone, for instance, is lost, it only needs to be removed from the account, and users can continue using other devices without risk.

Wire adds another feature that are useful for sensitive communications – self-destroying messages.  Of course, users can delete any messages manually on their own at any time, as well.

“Today, there is a next generation conferencing platform available that has been engineered from the ground up in an entirely new way, which will immediately solve businesses’ security and privacy vulnerabilities,” added Brøgger.

With cyber attacks and breaches becoming a daily concern, every business has to make security a priority, especially with the most important part of their operations – communications.  Wire’s founders were part of the team that brought Skype (News - Alert) to the world, so it’s not surprising to see yet another attempt at disrupting the communications space.

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Edited by Erik Linask
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