Hearing is Believing: Sennheiser Headsets Offer Premium Sound Quality

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Hearing is Believing: Sennheiser Headsets Offer Premium Sound Quality

By Paula Bernier, Executive Editor, TMC  |  December 22, 2015

Sennheiser is the world’s fastest growing headset manufacturer. It designs premium call center and office headsets, which are compatible with all major platforms, to organizations that range from small home offices all the way up to larger enterprise call centers. INTERNET TELEPHONY recently interviewed Tori Seliokas, channel manager CC&O at Sennheiser Electronic Corp., to learn more.

What makes Sennheiser solutions special?

Seliokas: Sennheiser headsets help maximize call center IT platform investments – whether they involve a traditional desktop phone or a unified communications softphone client. IT platforms are large investments companies make to support their business needs. The headset is the last three feet that connects companies to their customers. Sennheiser’s 70-year family legacy of professional audio sound helps companies enhance their investments by providing the best audio experience. 

How does Sennheiser stay ahead of the curve in terms of the products it delivers?

Seliokas: We stay close to the market needs as well as our customers. Innovation begins with understanding what will assist our customers with their daily tasks and help them overcome their current challenges.  

What role do Sennheiser solutions play in ensuring the success of unified communications implementations?

Seliokas: Our products are designed to be plug and play against all major UC platforms. It is not enough to have a premium-sounding headset in this day and age. It’s imperative that the headset is easily compatible as well.

More people today are doing more of their communicating while on the move and in public environments. How is Sennheiser addressing that trend?

Seliokas: Sennheiser’s mobile Bluetooth devices, such as our Presence Series and our MB Pro series, have the best noise-cancellation in the industry.  For example, our small profile Presence has three digital microphones that react faster to wind and background noise. This allows the microphones to eliminate more unwanted sound than other Bluetooth headsets on the market. Just because you are on the go doesn’t mean your clients need to know.

A lot of excitement has been building around WebRTC. Why is WebRTC important and where do you see it going?

Seliokas: WebRTC expands adoption of voice and video collaboration by enabling browsers to do real-time communications without plugins. This, in turn, expands remote worker hiring and adoption by people using laptops and desktops for voice and video.  

What does the rise of WebRTC mean for Sennheiser customers?

Seliokas: This just creates yet another space where premium headsets that offer crystal clear sound will need to be utilized to maximize the experience. That involves more people using headsets and peripherals with computers.

Where are we with adoption of real-time video communications? How does the adoption of real-time video communications impact customer requirements?

Seliokas: We are at the beginning, and with more and more browsers coming on board, WebRTC and real-time video communications will challenge networks with bandwidth and quality requirements.

What are some of the trends Sennheiser is seeing in the contact center, and how is it addressing them?

Seliokas: We are increasingly seeing more and more open space concept offices being built. There is a growing trend of companies breaking down their cubical walls to create a more collaborative work environment. While this is more visually appealing, it has added many complications for the IT department heads responsible for headset deployments. Open space offices have resulted in increased room volume, making it difficult for call center agents to hear their customers. Sennheiser’s SD Pro series and MB Pro series have been able to cancel out the additional room noise – making these open spaces more functional for the agents.

If there’s just one thing you want readers to know about Sennheiser Communications (News - Alert), what’s that one thing?

Seliokas: Hearing is believing. The best way to truly understand Sennheiser’s premium sound quality is to experience it for yourself, in your office environment.

To learn more about Sennheiser Communications visit http://en-us.sennheiser.com/headsets.

Edited by Kyle Piscioniere


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