Voice4Net: WebRTC Powers Unique, Purpose-Built Solutions

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Voice4Net: WebRTC Powers Unique, Purpose-Built Solutions

By Paula Bernier, Executive Editor, TMC  |  November 05, 2014

Voice4Net sells sophisticated, customized contact center and customer interactive solutions for enterprises, SMBs, utilities, municipalities and other organizations. The company, which works through a network of dealers and integrators across the country, also is in the process of introducing a suite of WebRTC-based solutions. That will allow its partners to develop richly featured, custom contact center environments.

Because these solutions are browser-based and require minimal integration, they can be incorporated into a legacy end-user platform much more quickly and inexpensively than traditional solutions. This is an exciting proposition for dealers, who can now walk into existing customers and offer the versatile, unique benefits of a WebRTC-based solution, including advanced video and chat features, a customizable GUI, and streamlined integration with legacy back-office systems.

            We recently spoke with Rick McFarland, CEO and president of Voice4Net, to learn more.

What pain points does Voice4Net address for its customers?

We pride ourselves on agent-friendly solutions that adapt to an array of business environments. The solutions are agile enough to address various verticals, individual companies, and even specific organizational processes. The objective is to make the contact center agent’s job easier, ensuring better customer engagement. Agents should be able to seamlessly utilize back-end systems, and access data and information about the customer without having to navigate multiple screens or launch complicated third-party applications and plug-ins.

These solutions are intuitive, and require minimal training. We provide a straightforward user experience, where agents can enjoy sophisticated features that are reliable and simple to use. We’ve learned that if agents have to enroll in a course to learn to use a solution, then it is probably unnecessarily complex. It will not serve the business nearly as well as a well thought out, streamlined solution.

            We want our customers to deliver superior customer service, create more satisfying customer engagement experiences, build loyalty, and             increase business. This is how an effective, user-friendly contact center solution should contribute to the business.

Tell us more about how and why Voice4Net is leveraging WebRTC in its solutions.

With WebRTC, end customers can deploy state-of-the art features that provide a user experience that is purpose-built for each business, without requiring a full overhaul of the customer’s legacy solution. A browser-based framework requires far less configuration on the part of the developer, making it less expensive to integrate, while realizing a quicker time to market and more attainable ROI. A browser-based HTML5 solution can be deployed right over an existing infrastructure, preserving the end user’s legacy investment. 

It’s the best of both worlds for the end-customer. It gives the most cutting-edge, tailored contact center features available, without the capital expenditure and down time of a total system replacement.

Why is Voice4Net attending WebRTC Conference & Expo V? What value does it get from this event?

We’re excited to interact with other like-minded WebRTC proponents, all looking to demonstrate how these technologies can best serve the needs of businesses. WebRTC’s impact is groundbreaking, to the point that we put aside previous priorities to develop it. We’re eager to connect with dealers, integrators, and business owners who understand its urgency and want to be early adopters.

Let's talk implementations. How can Voice4Net customers use the company's WebRTC-based solution and with what results?

The possibilities are staggering when it comes to the simple integration of collaborative platforms within an existing environment. We’re working now with a provider of hosted telecommunications services called TeleSpeak, which has developed a suite of branded solutions for a range of verticals.  They offer a number of market-specific applications, such as distance learning in education, which generate engaging, high-fidelity interactive remote learning experiences. The platform will also be leveraged for telemedicine purposes, enabling patients and practitioners to interact even though they are physically separated. It is groundbreaking technology, and we are looking to bring it to market quickly.

The suite also includes a contact center application based on Voice4Net’s WebRTC Framework architecture, which allows companies to create drop-and-drag widgets to build an interface around their needs. It’s simple and enjoyable to use, and most critically, it delivers a solution that is explicit to the customer’s needs.

If there's just one thing you'd like people to know about Voice4Net, what is that one thing?

Voice4Net is a nimble, customer-focused provider that will dig in its heels to build a solution that works best for each individual business. We’re not about pushing boxes or tallying sales quotas. We are about communicating with the customer, acknowledging their business processes, and developing an effective system around that.

Edited by Stefania Viscusi


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