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Denwa Provides Simple, All-in-One UC Solutions

By Paula Bernier, Executive Editor, TMC  |  May 07, 2015

Denwa is a unified communications company that delivers all-in-one solutions that are simple to buy and easy to use. INTERNET TELEPHONY recently spoke with Diego Ghione, Denwa Technology Corp.’s CEO, to learn more.

Tell us about Denwa, its history, leadership, and financial standing.

Ghione: Denwa has a team that’s been working on IP telephony since 1995 and with telephony project experience with NASA in 2000. Denwa is a financially sound business, and we increase our sales between 30 percent and 40 percent each year.

How does Denwa define UC?

Ghione: Denwa sees UC as a concept for interconnecting everything everywhere with complete system integration and communication and full collaboration.

Tell us about Denwa’s solutions.

Ghione: Our UC SIMPLE platform includes complete IM functionality, a directory, video capability, social network and collaboration, along with mobile integration. Denwa also offers access control, cameras, firewalls, IP PBXs, media gateways, phones (including DECT (News - Alert) phones and video phones), PoE switches, routers, SBCs, videoconferencing solutions, and WebRTC integration.

How do Denwa’s solutions address customer needs?

Ghione: Every day customers are requiring more mobile solutions and more integration with applications. Customers choose Denwa based on our no license fee model, the fact we deliver a complete UC solution, our simple integration and configuration and support, and because it’s easy to work with us.

What is Denwa’s geographical focus?

Ghione: Our initial business was focused in Latin America based on the requirement of the market where today we are the leader in UC with relation to the major telcos. This year, we really started to also focus in the U.S., Canada and Europe. During ITEXPO (News - Alert), we will be looking for distributors around the U.S., Canada, Italy, Spain, and Turkey.

What are Denwa’s differentiators in the marketplace?

Ghione: Our differentiators include our full UC solutions, our all-in-one solutions, the fact that we include support with all our solutions, and our high-level support.

What’s new from Denwa in terms of its UC solutions and services?

Ghione: Denwa is increasing its appliances options and enabling the hybrid concept between on-premises and cloud models for a new integrated world of services. We also deliver complete WebRTC integration, which allows for increased collaboration functionality.

What does Denwa have in the pipeline?

Ghione: We continue to work on hybrid solutions and are delivering integrated ways to communicate via both Denwa Business Network and Denwa Home.

Denwa recently received an international award for quality from One Bank Group. Tell us about it.

Ghione: Denwa initiated the Quality program for improving products and services each year, and this award is in relation to this good work. This award is a recognition of our quality. For that reason Denwa and our management received in 2015 the Business Management Award too.

What’s next for Denwa?

Ghione: Denwa’s next step is in relation to continuing innovation of our products and moving to additional cloud services with additional focus our local U.S. market.

If there’s just one thing readers need to know about Denwa, what’s that one thing?

Ghione: Readers of this magazine already know about how the market is changing. Gartner (News - Alert) in 2013 noted customers don’t like to pay for licenses per user, and that the market needs a complete product with support included. Denwa is answering those customer requirements with an all-in-one solution with no per-user license requirements, and with support included. We’ve been doing that since 2008, and we continue to do that today.

Edited by Maurice Nagle