Call Recording Roundup

By Paula Bernier, Executive Editor, TMC  |  January 26, 2015

Whether used for coaching, productivity enhancement, regulatory compliance, or other purposes, call recording is garnering a lot of interest lately for its ability to make organizations more efficient and effective. Here’s a rundown of some of the leading players in the call recording market place.


3CLogic offers a full suite of cloud-based inbound, outbound and blended contact center solutions. Covering all customer interactions including voice, chat, e-mail and social media, 3CLogic seamlessly integrates with existing CRM software to provide businesses with a 360-degree view of customer interactions regardless of channel. 3CLogic provides contact centers with accurate and timely information about prospects and customers so they can efficiently respond to communications, ensure satisfaction, and drive toward a larger lifetime value for each customer. 3CLogic's technology is flexible when it comes to recordings. First, customers can choose where they want the recordings to be stored. Recordings can be stored on the customer's server or on the cloud. Second, they can choose what percentage of calls are recorded, depending on their needs. Finally, APIs can be used to mark or process the recordings. A SaaS contact center solution, 3CLogic is built on a distributed architecture that eliminates the pitfalls and limitations of legacy centralized server architectures found in many contact centers. Unlike existing hosted offerings, 3CLogic unleashes the full power of the cloud with the benefits of VoIP to provide unprecedented security, reliability, flexibility and scalability. Equipped with its Virtual Telephony Application Grid technology, 3CLogic pushes telephony functions to the edge of the cloud, which removes bandwidth bottlenecks, avoids outages, ensures data security, and enables contact centers to increase capacity as needed.


In the early ‘90’s, we invested in our first call recording system, Auto Quality. At the time, the new monitoring system enabled us to obtain and listen to a wide sample of recorded calls. The best feature of the system was that the associates did not know when they would be monitored. This allowed us to capture a true sample of their call quality.  A few years ago, we purchased the Witness eQuality call monitoring system. Witness has enabled us to capture both the voice and data portion of a recorded call. As an added benefit, the monitor form has been integrated into the system to allow us to simultaneously monitor and grade phone calls. The ability to run complex queries on the quality database has enabled us to identify trends and create training modules to correct them faster than we have ever been able to do in the past. In addition to internal monitoring, our associates are graded from the point of view of the customer (by the voice of the customer), which is captured in real time via IVR, and also receive feedback from sessions where associates from each site gather to listen and critique calls from other sites.


SmartTAP is an ideal solution for companies in the financial services, manufacturing, hospitality, medical, branch office, and many other highly regulated industries. Historically voice recording focused on the call center or public safety,  but today’s UC platforms make it cost effective to record anything and anyone. SmartTAP is a security-enhanced call recording solution that enables the recording of key business interactions. Capable of recording any call type including but not limited to mobile, remote and conference all from the same solution. SmartTAP is a fully IP-centric software application built on open standard protocols like SIP, HTTP, SNMP and REST utilizing the latest design methodologies. It can be used for recording not only Microsoft Lync but also any other IP or TDM interface at the same time. Built on proven technology and based on years of experience in developing and integrating call recording solutions, SmartTAP is compatible with many VoIP, TDM, and hybrid telephony environments including Microsoft Lync and ShoreTel UC. The solution will unify all your locations even if there are disparate voice platforms. Easily record any conversation including those by mobile and work at home users.  The solution can be configured and centrally managed using an intuitive web-based interface, simplifying system deployments and reducing ongoing support requirements.


Call recording capabilities within Cisco WebEx Meetings allow users to get more from a meeting and focus on interactions instead of taking notes. WebEx Meetings, the top-rated business productivity solution available across platforms including Android, iOS, BlackBerry and Windows 8, and accessible via desktops, smartphones and tablets, provides video and voice recording with easy file retrieval and editing capabilities. WebEx allows users to record and capture the full meeting dialog for anyone unable to attend, including voice and active speaker video, desktop or file sharing, and chat. The meeting recording is then available through Meetings Spaces and can be downloaded with a copy and paste URL for sharing via e-mail, chat, social media, or on a website. Recording as either .ARF or .WRF files, the meetings are easily watched, edited or converted. In addition to recording via WebEx Meetings, Cisco (News - Alert) also offers customers the ability to capture and record video for both live streaming and video on demand viewing via the TelePresence Content Server, part of Cisco’s Capture Transform Share solution. The TelePresence Content Server is compatible with Cisco TelePresence or third-party standards-based video endpoints.

Enghouse Interactive

Enghouse Interactive Quality Management Suite is a comprehensive IP call and

computer recording, monitoring, and evaluation software suite. QMS

empowers companies to document customer interactions, identify and address

trouble spots, and provide consistent, detailed, and constructive feedback

to staff. QMS features a Web-based user interface that features multimedia

search capabilities including desktop captures and call recording, access

to reports, interaction recordings, and evaluation capabilities. Enghouse Interactive Call Recording, available as a standalone solution or with QMS, records interactions on demand, full time, or using triggers. The Computer Recording module of QMS enables companies to capture the entire interaction – telephone and computer activities – to ensure consistent and correct usage of business systems, to identify training

opportunities, and to improve productivity. Recording profiles can be set

to suit business needs, from selectively recording business applications

to recording screen activities full time or during set hours. 


Genesys Call Recording and Quality Management Solutions records calls to gain insight into what your customers are saying and how your service impacts satisfaction and churn rates. Enterprises can set criteria for automatically recording certain calls or all calls, or recording calls on demand as situations arise, and can encrypt sensitive recordings

as needed to meet compliance requirements. Genesys lets supervisors and evaluators search for calls using call flow data and business parameters, such as agent ID, customer ID, and order number. Enterprises can play the entire call from the customer’s point of

view, including IVR prompts; transfers; holds and conferences; and in its entirety to gain a complete view of the customer experience. Share and send call recordings via email to agents, managers, or a customer. Every time a call recording is accessed, an audit trail of

information is kept to ensure that sensitive data is kept secure. The modular and scalable architecture provides flexible deployment options whether distributed or centralized in design. Unlike legacy recording systems, this is entirely SIP based, specifically designed

for voice over IP recording. There are flexible call search options,vand support for regulatory compliance requirements for PCI-DSS, vHIPAA, Sec 17a (3, 4) and SOX.  

Hewlett-Packard Co.

HP Autonomy delivers a contact center management solution with HP Qfiniti 10, which brings the next generation of workforce optimization and advanced, real-time multichannel analytics to the contact center. The product offers a flexible solution that simplifies complex business processes, increases effectiveness, and lowers overall costs. HP Qfiniti 10 delivers the advanced tools needed in today’s global and multisite contact centers, including solutions for workforce management, quality monitoring, liability recording, coaching and eLearning, performance management, surveying, desktop analytics, and multichannel analytics. Built on the HP Intelligent Operating Layer (IDOL), the solution has the ability to truly understand the voice of the customer. HP IDOL extracts meaning from all forms of human information, including audio. By leveraging this advanced analytics platform, HP Qfiniti 10 can automatically identify patterns in customer communications as well as classify calls – both on historical data or in real time. It offers highly integrated workforce management modules, each performing a specific contact center management function. Individual components can be deployed to allow customers to get the modules they require, offering them a customizable solution that best fits their needs.


HigherGround’s Calibre product suite offers a unified call recordingagent evaluation, and reporting solution for multi-source contact centers. With today’s stringent requirements of contact centers to keep customer data secure, these tools work to provide full regulation compliance.

The HigherGround Calibre product suite ensures customer data security and PCI and HIPAA compliance as well as support of a myriad of rules and regulations. Contact centers have the ability to record analog, digital, and IP phones; ACD, CTI, PBXs, and e-mail communications from a single unified platform providing a holistic view of call center, team, and agent performance.


inContact provides synchronized voice and data recording to capture conversations between your customers and agents, as well as the corresponding activities taking place at agents’ desktops, such as keystrokes, data entry, screen navigator, and after-call wrap-up. Recorded interactions are tagged and stored automatically for easy, intuitive search and replay. This can enable authorized users throughout your company to view the entire flow of the contact. With the proper security, you can export these interactions to non-system users for review on any multimedia PC. The intelligence of speech analytics adds a unique dynamic to any audio recording.  Understand why customers are calling, without ever listening to the call. Through LVCSR technology, the speech analytics engines identifies what is said and displays those key words and phrases that you need be aware of to drive change in your business. With our Analytics- Driven Quality recording tool, understanding customer emotion during a call, and what drives that emotion, has never been easier.

InfoCision Management Corp.

InfoCision (News - Alert) Management Corp. offers both audio and video recording of all interactions within its environment. When video recordings accompany audio recordings, the playback is synchronized. Over 500,000 call recordings are created and maintained on a daily basis. All recordings are harvested and stored securely in accordance with Payment Card Industry standards.  Access to recordings is made possible internally through InfoCision's proprietary web-based interface called Contact Search and externally to clients via extranet, which allows users to locate and play calls based on criteria such as date and time, campaign, phone number, agent and call result.

Intelligent Recording Ltd.; 

Intelligent Recording offers solutions for recording IP, digital and analog phones as well as line-side solutions for analog and PRI with integration to most phone systems that enables tracking the call to the extension that made or received the call as well as the flexibility of excluding certain phones from recording. A combination of hardware and software solutions allow for simple to install desktop solutions as well as more robust back office solutions for enterprise-wide recording. This flexibility scales the cost down to a very affordable level whether for one user or hundreds, which is unique in the industry. For the home office or mobile user we also offer simple devices that allow recording from mobile phones or your home office. These record in the same format as our other solutions, allowing the user to manage and playback all calls using the same software. The Intelligent Recording solutions cover you when at home, in your car, or in your office.

Interactive Intelligence

Interaction Recorder, which can be deployed in the cloud or on-premises, provides multichannel recording functionality. It can capture, store, and replay customer interactions via voice, email, chat, IVR, and other contact channels. Interaction Recorder also offers synchronized playback of screen and audio recordings. By giving insight into the customer experience and employee performance, Interaction Recorder helps organizations improve service quality and ensure process compliance.

IntraNext Systems

iGuard is an automated security software for contact centers that completely conceals customers’ personal data, like credit card, social security or ID numbers, to protect customers, agents and the company from identity theft during every telephone transaction. It allows customers to directly input or speak their sensitive data during a call, while blocking the data from the agent on the call. Instead, the information is transmitted directly to the appropriate back-end systems for processing. It can help you comply with numerous privacy regulations and standards, includingthe Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard, the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996, Statements on Standards for Attestation Engagements No. 16, Service Organization Controls, and Safe Harbor Privacy Principles.

IR Prognosis

Many organizations currently risk heavy compliance fines due to failed or inaudible call recordings in contact centers and other regulated environments. IR Prognosis offers patented Call Recording Assurance technology, which is constantly checking the system health. Users receive immediate notifications of failed recordings coupled with real-time visibility to ensure optimal performance. Call Recording Assurance also removes the need for time-consuming manual checking to confirm call recording is working. For businesses in financial services and health care in particular, this minimizes the risk of being fined, which can be more than $2,000 for each call that fails to be recorded and archived, or losing their license to operate.

Monet Software Inc.

Monet Record provides an easy and affordable web-based solution to record, archive and retrieve customer interactions that help contact centers improve customer service as well as ensure regulatory compliance. The system automatically captures and securely stores call transactions to protect data and comply with legal, security and company regulations and policies. Comprehensive search allows users to easily and quickly retrieve calls based on phone number, agent, tags, date, time and other user-defined parameters. A comprehensive security model ensures that only authorized users get access and are able to export calls using standard audio formats. Managers can easily identify patterns and analyze metrics at various levels for training and quality assurance. With fully integrated quality monitoring, Monet Quality contact centers can even go one step further and establish the foundation for a robust and effective quality management system based on their unique needs. Monet Record is fully integrated with Monet’s Workforce Optimization suite and delivered as a cloud-based subscription service. Monet’s cloud-based WFO platform efficiently and securely delivers web-based applications that are fast to set up, easy to learn, and highly scalable to grow with the customer’s needs.


NICE Real-Time Authentication significantly reduces average handle time and improves the customer experience by utilizing voice biometrics to authenticate customers in real time. Voice Biometrics uses more than 50 physical and behavioral factors, including pronunciation, emphasis, speech rate, accent, and unique physical traits of the vocal tract, etc., to verify callers' claimed identity against the voiceprint stored on file for accurate and reliable speaker identification and verification. Seamless Enrollment is patent-pending technology that leverages NICE Interaction Recording to effortlessly create voiceprints for a large proportion of customers – those who call into your contact center annually – all with no customer effort or impact.  Context, Telephony and Transaction Analytics can automatically analyze IVR events, caller geo-location, automatic number identification matching, and other data from agent desktops to fuel the authentication process. To close the loop, automatic decisioning draws on insights from analytics to verify identity and generate dynamic security questions as the call unfolds and cues agents through the customer authentication process, automatically notifying agents whether callers have been positively identified or guiding them with dynamic security questions.


The OAISYS Talkument voice documentation and compliance management software utilizes patented OAISYS Portable Voice Document technology to create digital media documents from business telephone calls, making them available to organize, retrieve, play back, annotate, and share as needed. It provides company-wide control over compliance management, risk mitigation, dispute resolution, and other critical business concerns. OAISYS Tracer is the contact center interaction management application used in conjunction with the Talkument voice documentation software. Tracer also leverages OAISYS PVD technology paired with advanced contact center management features, including customizable employee performance evaluations, live and automatic call monitoring, quality and resource utilization reporting, and synchronized desktop video recording capabilities. Engineered to support virtualized deployments and compatible with leading IP business telephone systems and SIP-based communications services, including those from Avaya (News - Alert), Mitel, ShoreTel and Toshiba Telecommunication Systems Division, OAISYS’ Talkument and Tracer call recording solutions empower user organizations to improve customer service, mitigate risk, adhere to compliance regulations, reduce costs, increase revenue and drive overall profitability. Version 7.4 of the OAISYS software solutions, announced in October 2013, features enhanced integration capabilities with industry-leading business communications platforms from Avaya, Mitel and ShoreTel. Version 7.4 also includes new feature functionality to support cloud services.

Red Box Recorders

Red Box Recorders is a global provider of voice and data recording solutions that solve often technical and complex business challenges in the most simple and effective manner possible. This ensures that financial services organizations are not only fully compliant, but can also become more competitive, productive and efficient. Red Box's software enables the capture, authentication, analysis and evaluation of multimedia communications from a wide range of data sources including fixed line and mobile calls, radio, screen, SMS, instant messaging and social media. Red Box Quantify Recording Suite is a user-friendly and intuitive voice and data recording software solution that is suitable for companies and organizations of all sizes. It can be tailored to meet precise customer requirements with a wide range of functionality including quality management, PCI compliance, call management and billing, event reconstruction, and audio analytics.

SIP Print Inc.

SIP Print (News - Alert) is a global leader in VoIP/SIP-based call recording for the SMB

market that integrates with most IP/PBX systems. Our products, Express, SMB & SME, are globally known and provide the very best in pure VoIP call recording. From 15 to 500 users, SIP Print products can be used by any and all companies worldwide to protect and secure the integrity of those companies. SIP Print also released our new carrier grade

solutions for the ITSP, hosted, SBC and WebRTC market. Our recently announced SIP-based call recording solutions for the SBC market have allowed those markets to have an affordable call recording solution. SIP Print also now offers OEM/white label agreements that allow it to sell licenses only to those who participate.

Spoken Communications

Spoken Call Recorder provides end-to-end call recording in a cloud-based environment. Cloud-based recording solutions such as the Spoken Call Recorder offer distinct advantages over on-premises recording, including freedom from selective recording pitfalls, zero infrastructure investment, active-active configuration included in the core design, automatic SIP and TDM trunking support, zero licensing or list management, and cost efficiency with usage-based, per-minute pricing.  Additionally, Spoken Call Recording operates independently of the ACD to enable cradle-to-grave capture including all IVR interactions, agent interactions, transfers, and even post-call surveys. To ensure security, all calls are encrypted using AES 256-bit encryption and are encrypted from the moment the interaction begins. For interactions requiring PCI compliance, capture restriction and secure masking of calls or call segments is available. As for call tracking and searching, each call is associated with a unique call identifier as well as related metadata, and all calls are accessible through a secure web interface, available 24/7. Advanced search elements enable the creation of complex queries to quickly and efficiently locate the desired calls. Media files are streamed for playback but are not downloaded without specific security permission. Spoken Call Recorder is license-free and offered on the cost-efficient, per-minute pricing model.


TantaComm's focus is on interaction recording and performance management solutions for contact centers of all sizes. Built to handle the extreme scope and scale of large, outsourced customer service organizations, TantaComm has implementations around the globe, servicing large scale operations well in excess of 10,000 seats. The ability to service these dynamic operations relies on TantaComm's open, modular and highly scalable infrastructure. With extremely diverse administrative capabilities, facilitating multitenant and detailed interaction recording rules, TantaComm's Capture Advanced Enterprise is built to excel in the most demanding environments. TantaComm has taken the most essential elements of Capture Advanced Enterprise and developed a powerful and compact solution, specifically designed for smaller operations. With Capture SMB, TantaComm offers complete solutions beginning as low as $15,000 (inclusive of infrastructure, licensing, and implementation).

Our industry experts can assist you by designing a solution that meets your specific needs at a cost-competitive price point. Having worked with clients across dozens of industries, TantaComm can address your must have list of features and functions. Whether you are a small contact center, a global customer service outsourcer, a product integrator, or a reseller, TantaComm has solutions to fit your needs.


Engage Record provides advanced WFO capabilities at an attractive price. It features auto or on-demand call recording using exclusive Conversation Save technology to capture the entire conversation back to call initiation. Engage Record’s clear, intuitive Web 2.0 user interface allows rapid end user adoption. It readily adapts to almost any business need, with streamlined installation and training in typically one to two days, and very low operational and maintenance costs. From PCI DSS and HIPAA to Dodd-Frank, regulated industries can rely on Engage Record to meet their requirements for regulatory program compliance. Its DOD-grade security capabilities include end-to-end AES 256-bit encryption, fully multi-tenant/department partitioning, watermarking, and SSL/HTTP web access, ensuring rock-solid security and data integrity. A convenient web services interface lets Engage integrate with third-party CRM and other back office solutions. Supporting multiple voice technologies and PBX (News - Alert) platforms on the same server, Engage is highly scalable, with up to 1,000 call recording channels per server. Efficient bandwidth usage, storage area network support, and convenient, web-based centralized management accommodate system growth. Clustering and centralized archive support simplifies implementing resilient systems. Both at-a-glance dashboards and in-depth, custom reports provide complete knowledge of call metrics and performance. Engage Record is available for SMB, large customized enterprise deployments, and cloud-based environments with perpetual or subscription purchase options.


The conference call has just ended, and you all accomplished a lot. But exactly what was said? Remembering that is not a problem with UberConference. Call recording is an integral feature of UberConference’s teleconferencing service. When you set up your conference call, all you have to do is click on the Record button in the lower right corner of the call setup screen, and that’s it. Your conference call is then recorded and saved in .mp3 format for you to use for future reference. How accessible is this recording? You’ll be able to grab it from the Past Conferences section of your account, as well as in the Call Summary e-mail that is sent to all callers after the call. With the call recording feature, the problem of remembering what everyone said – and agreed to do – is now solved because a permanent reference of the actual call exists.

With TelStrat’s award-winning Engage Suite contact centers can optimize the customer experience while reducing operating overhead, and:

Verint Systems Inc.

Verint Call Recording is an enterprise recording solution designed to meet the needs of large, multi-site, virtual, and outsourced contact centers. This software-based recorder provides full-time recording and compliance recording to help larger contact centers increase operational effectiveness, reduce liability, comply with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard and other industry standards, and expedite dispute resolution. Verint's call recording solutions provide synchronized voice/data recording and real-time monitoring across traditional TDM, IP, and mixed telephony environments. In addition to recording conversations between customers and agents, Verint Call Recording can also capture the corresponding activities taking place at the agent desktop, such as keystrokes, data entry, screen navigation, and after-call wrap-up. The solution immediately works with most major telephony environments and offers application programming interfaces to facilitate integration with proprietary systems. Because Verint Call Recording can support many channels of IP voice and screen recording on a single server, it can help reduce the space, energy, and maintenance costs associated with traditional, multi-server recording systems. It provides a range of functionality that's offered in a flexible, service-oriented architecture, helping to reduce the cost of ownership.

Versadial Solutions

The Versadial call recording solution offers enterprise features at a small

business price. Available as a plug and play system or as a budget friendly

call recording kit, Versadial recorders are compatible with most PBX

systems, capable to record digital, analog or VoIP lines and devices.

Expandable architecture allows systems to grow and change with your business for years to come. Included is a quality control module that allows managers to grade calls and share recordings among employees or outside personnel. For large-scale deployment, multiple recorders may be installed across a network and configured with centralized or distributed storage. Standard operations such as search/playback, reports, export, silencing, bookmarking, notes, flagging and live monitoring are just a few of the robust features included with each solution. Recreate incidents, improve customer satisfaction, conduct employee training, and reduce business liability with solutions from Versadial. 

VirtualLogger LLC

VirtualLogger offers PCI-compliant, cloud-based, pay-as-you-go call recording, screen capture, speech analytics, and quality monitoring. VirtualLogger records IP, TDM and POTS phones from more than 30 PBX brands, with or without on-premises equipment. Unique features include Numerase, which deletes PCI-sensitive data; RecordingMagic, which cost-effectively records the smallest offices; VirtualSmartView, which captures screen images and screen analytics on any PC; AgentPrescience, to identify agents without CTI or mapping; and BackIP, a radical approach to IP recording that can achieve 99.999 percent reliability. IP recording is available using SPAN, network taps, SIPREC, SIP forking, and single step conferencing. PCI compliance features include 256-bit AES encryption and leading edge key management. Quality monitoring users can build and use agent evaluation forms using just a web browser. And the VirtualLogger QM application can be integrated into other web-based recording systems for customers using cloud-based IP PBX systems. Customers with older equipment can integrate their legacy call recording systems to minimize the cost of replacing recorders that work, but are too small or have limited features. Finally, VirtualLogger offers a powerful, easy-to-use API that provides for integration with other call center applications and provides many of its features separately to upgrade legacy recorders.  

Edited by Maurice Nagle