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Big Time: Transbeam Expands to Meet the Growing Needs of Even the Largest of Enterprises

By Paula Bernier, Executive Editor, TMC  |  December 04, 2014

Transbeam Inc., traditionally viewed as a regional network provider, has upped its game – delivering more advanced network solutions, expanding its coverage area, carrier partnerships and service portfolio, and investing in more fiber. All of the above have better positioned the company to cater to the needs of even the largest enterprises and are fueling strong growth at Transbeam.

“In the last two to three years we have really enhanced our capabilities, and we want to get the word out that we have become a different company,” says Marc Sellouk, CEO and founder of Transbeam. “We’re ready for larger customers, and larger agents, to take another look at us.”

Recognized earlier this year by Inc. magazine as one of the nation’s fastest-growing private companies, Transbeam offers a broad array of data, voice and event connectivity,  as well as professional IT services. These services run over Transbeam’s own nationwide carrier-class IP network, which has points of presence in 11 major cities across the U.S.; can scale to 40/100gig; and for which the company provides active monitoring, reporting, and class of service. The company prides itself on its monitoring capabilities, on which it’s invested millions to enable customer networks to be managed and monitored in real time.

Reaching customers via access loops that it sources from more than 30 carriers of various sizes, Transbeam this month added to that list in a big way with the addition of AT&T (News - Alert) Switched Ethernet Service. Transbeam formed the partnership as part of the AT&T Partner Exchange Program. Switched Ethernet Service is the first product launch coming out of this partnership which fits into Transbeam’s signature suite of Ethernet services that many other carriers, agents, and enterprises rely on. While Transbeam had already been offering services in the 21 states in which AT&T is the incumbent local exchange carrier, having access to the ILEC’s loops provides Transbeam and its customers with unmatched coverage.

The Transbeam data services portfolio includes broadband (DSL, NxT1, and T1), cloud services, data center services, Ethernet over copper, Ethernet over fiber, managed Wi-Fi, metro Ethernet over fiber, MPLS, and wireless. Event connectivity solutions from Transbeam leverage both wired and wireless connectivity, and include IT support for conferences, trade shows, and other large events. The company’s portfolio of voice services includes hosted PBX (News - Alert), PRI, SIP trunking, E-POTS and even analog POTS lines. And its professional IT services include backup and recovery, internal wiring, managed IT help desk, provisioning and maintenance of servers and virtual machines, Wi-Fi installation, and more.

Transbeam continues to add to its portfolio. Earlier this year, for example, it rolled out a new backup service. When a company’s primary link goes down, this Transbeam service automatically creates a private IP tunnel on Verizon’s (News - Alert) 4G LTE network and sends traffic through that until the primary link is restored.

“I go to a lot of customer meetings and most of them end with the customers being surprised that we do all these things,” says Peter Karoczkai (News - Alert), senior vice president of sales and marketing at Transbeam. “Transbeam has expanded the network reach, the service offerings, and this is a new Transbeam that is going to be a major force in the industry.”

As Transbeam expands its services and other capabilities, its customers continue to grow in number, size, and spend, adds Karoczkai. For example, he says, 50 hosted PBX seats used to be the norm for Transbeam customers, but now that’s risen to the 100 to 300 seat range.

“Clients are willing to put their faith in the company because they understand that Transbeam is a financially solid and proven company in which they can have confidence in,” states Avi Nebel, chief operating officer, who has been with Transbeam since 1998.

He adds that the firm is cash flow positive and profitable. Transbeam has also had consistent management from day one, he notes, explaining the same leadership that was in place when the company was established in 1996 is still at the helm today.

“Our growth is going to continue,” Sellouk adds. “We are delivering a service level unparalleled in the industry, and I think that it resonates with the customers. We are winning more sophisticated customers that are leaving the larger carriers because they believe Transbeam can deliver a better solution.”

Transbeam is able to do that, he says, because it brings together the expertise of a small IT boutique consulting firm with the IP network of a large carrier. That means Transbeam is flexible enough to create custom solutions and large enough to deliver nationwide managed data, voice, and cloud offerings.

“We are truly an engineering company that is able to provide tailored solutions around a customer’s needs,” says Karoczkai. “And unlike larger companies that create a solution set and then try to fit the customers into a particular network, we have a very flexible network design.”

Transbeam’s engagement with Post Acute Partners illustrates how the end-to-end service provider can deliver for its customers. The growing multi-division health care company, which has a complex IT infrastructure, wanted to incorporate new data and voice services to meet its expanding needs, which included the addition of new office space. The client’s specific requirements entailed ensuring that the new solution was able to house all of its highly confidential customer files securely, and it wanted to implement the solution in a very short timeframe and during the hectic December holiday season in New York City. 

Rather than hiring a collection of companies to address network design, do consulting, and handle wireless network engineering, phone installation, Internet connectivity, and project management, Post Acute Partners called on Transbeam. It consulted with Post Acute Partners to determine the client’s technology needs now and for the future, and Transbeam then designed and installed a network that met the customer’s technical and business requirements, and that will scale as needed, and it helped Post Acute Partner migrate to the new environment.

“Transbeam was instrumental in helping us move our network infrastructure for our New York City headquarters that supported four of our key divisions of our health care company,” said Warren Cole, co-CEO of Post Acute Partners. “It completed this large task during the peak of the holiday season within a very short deadline date. It not only managed the entire process seamlessly, but was very careful with details and understanding our technology needs to help us build out our network, thinking about our future needs. Transbeam was highly reliable, and we would not trust anyone else with our network going forward.”

Industry groups have also recognized Transbeam for the unique solutions it brings to the marketplace.

For example, TMC (News - Alert), the parent company of INTERNET TELEPHONY magazine, in May presented Transbeam with its 2014 Mobility Tech Zone Product of the Year award for Transbeam’s Ethernet over copper service.

“We are honored that TMC and Crossfire Media recognize the innovation and value of our signature product, Ethernet over copper,” Karoczkai said in accepting the accolade. “We were one of the first providers to launch an EoC product in 2006 and continue to enhance our offering, network reach, and install times. It is an honor to be recognized for the investment we have made in making our EoC product the best in the industry.”

Transbeam also has been honored by the Telecom Association as one of the Top 5 Ethernet over Copper and Metro Fiber providers in the industry.

Noting Transbeam as a trusted and proven provider of EoC and metro fiber, the Telecom Association’s Executive Director Dan Baldwin commented: “Our association members are heavily experienced technology industry consultants and channel sales partners that have compared all the best and affordable vendors and recommended the top advisors.” 

Edited by Maurice Nagle