The WebRTC Ecosystem Report

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The WebRTC Ecosystem Report

By Phil Edholm, President & Founder, PKE Consulting  |  March 04, 2015

WebRTC is a rapidly expanding category of companies and solutions. The WebRTC Ecosystem shown in figure 1 is a view of all of the categories of products and services in the WebRTC space. The WebRTC Ecosystem Report is the most comprehensive description of companies and offerings based on WebRTC technology that has ever been produced.

The WebRTC Ecosystem

The report contains a directory of WebRTC vendors along with their products and services, organized categorically for easy reference or thorough market research. The report uses the WebRTC Ecosystem framework, developed by Kelcor and PKE Consulting, to provide a structure for understanding the WebRTC marketplace along with comprehensive analysis and detailed profiles covering more than 200 companies that have WebRTC-based commercial offerings. These detailed profiles cover every company known to the authors at the time of publication – every size and kind of company – from communications industry leaders transitioning to WebRTC-enabled infrastructure to WebRTC-based startups poised to disrupt the communications market. 

This composite representation of the WebRTC Ecosystem shows ecosystem categories along with the number of companies with products or services in each particular segment.
Source (News - Alert): The WebRTC Ecosystem Report 

Designed for investors, analysts, vendors, partners, end users, and developers, the 2014 WebRTC Ecosystem Report provides its readers a framework for categorizing WebRTC products and services along with deep insights into how this market works and who the players are. It describes 30 different product or service segments and indexes each of the 210 provider companies based on those segments in the WebRTC Ecosystem framework. The report is 686 pages and includes 493 diagrams. Figure 2 shows the development and the more than 200 companies involved in those segments. Figure 3 shows a typical company profile of the types of services that are categorized for each company.

This example shows WebRTC segment data collected by KelCor and PKE Consulting. This particular sample is for Twilio (News - Alert); equivalent tables exist for 210 companies with WebRTC-enabled products and services.
Source: The WebRTC Ecosystem Report 

For Investors

If you are considering investing in the WebRTC marketplace or you have already funded a company, you need this report to get an exhaustive view of competitors and what their strengths and weaknesses are. We have an estimate of the revenue and headcount for each of the 210 companies that have been profiled thus far. You cannot sufficiently understand the dynamics of WebRTC, the coming upheaval it will cause, or the likely targets for sound investment without this report. 

For CxOs and Executives from WebRTC Providers

You have already invested in this market, but where does your company have differentiated value, and how are you going to make money in this market going forward? The WebRTC Ecosystem Report looks at each of the segments and lists who offers products and services in these segments. You may find your company listed along with almost all of its competitors. You need this report to see who the competition is and how you can differentiate your product and service offerings. You also need this report to properly position your company and its value proposition for any investors you already have or for those you may be seeking. 

For End Users

You have likely heard a lot about WebRTC and how it can enable better communications in your entire value chain. But, who can you rely on to help you develop your own products and services and to integrate these into your own business processes, whether it be contact center operations, line of business applications, or the emerging Internet of Things? The WebRTC Ecosystem Report will help you identify reliable and financially stable technology and development partners to work with. 

For Developers and ISVs

You may want to leverage the capabilities of WebRTC for your own development activities, which will in turn be used to benefit your own customers. The WebRTC Ecosystem Report can help you identify toolkit manufacturers ranging from complete development environments to those that may offer specialized functionality in the form of libraries and SDKs. The report also clarifies which offerings are open source and which are backed by additional contract resources. Even if you already have technology partners, the WebRTC Ecosystem Report will help broaden your understanding of available development tools and the capabilities that these potential new partners can provide. 

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Edited by Maurice Nagle