Creating Opportunities for Improved Communication

Ask the SIP Trunk Expert

Creating Opportunities for Improved Communication

By TMCnet Special Guest
Michael Oljemark, CEO Ingate Systems
  |  January 26, 2015

Although we are in the business of technology, I like to think that we’re really in the business of creating opportunities for improved communication between people.

Communication between people is the foundation of the successful development of all sorts of human systems: corporations, organizations, as well as society, and even mankind if we put it in a really big context. Today, our efforts in this arena make voice-based communication accessible, affordable, and secure. SIP trunking is a good example of this. When SIP trunking first came onto the scene, it was an opportunity to make SIP-based voice communications (VoIP) available to a wider range of businesses at a competitive price point. SIP trunking has now been embraced by the industry as a whole, becoming a must have for SMBs, large enterprises, carriers, MSOs, you name it. 

SIP trunking also opens the door – in a very accessible, cost-effective way – to unified communications. This has been Ingate’s goal since 2001, to enable global real-time communications.

Moving forward, our devotion to innovation and technology leadership will make communication between people take another big leap. With WebRTC implemented in a smart, strategic way, high-quality audio and video will become truly accessible and something that you rely upon and appreciate in your daily communications – for everyone, everywhere.

And by the way, high-quality communication is not only a technicality, it is to what level we are actually able to exchange information, ideas, and thoughts with each other – to successfully understand one another. High-quality real-time communication will be a competitive advantage for businesses as well as for making all kinds of governmental organizations and NGOs more successful in reaching their goals.

And finally, my guess is that solutions that can bridge WebRTC with today’s SIP-based UC infrastructure will have a head start since then you will be able to use your existing and well-working infrastructure also for WebRTC – fully integrated, a smooth transition into the new era.

Michael Oljemark is the CEO of Ingate Systems.

Edited by Maurice Nagle