IP Phones That Pay: Htek Delivers for ITSPs, Resellers

Digital transformation is prompting many organizations to consider upgrading their communications systems. And that's a good thing, both for these businesses, and for the companies that outfit them with the solutions...Read More

Strategic Solutions Series

Ready, Set, Go! Titanium Cloud Provides Carriers Billions of Dollars in Upside
Network virtualization promises to provide communications service providers with billions of dollars in upside through the fast delivery of new revenue-generating services and lower operational expenses.

Aquantia Leads the Multi-Gig Revolution
Aquantia is addressing the need for Multi-Gig Ethernet solutions which serve a variety of markets and products at both ends of the network, where data is stored and consumed, and where more and more bottlenecks are occurring.

Special Supplement

Trump's Cyber Security EO Lacks Substance
More than three months after President Trump was expected to sign a cyber security executive order he finally took pen to paper on this important topic. Unfortunately, this executive order does not seem to do much.

Understanding and Mitigating Mirai
Mirai is a platform that supports ongoing DDoS-for-hire operations, allowing threat actors to launch DDoS attacks against their victims in exchange for monetary payment.

Securing Customer Identities in the Era of Data Breaches & the IoT
The DNC, LinkedIn, MySpace, Yahoo! This is just a partial list of the companies that experienced data breaches last year. Such breaches mean big risks for a brand's reputation and bottom line.

The New NY Cyber Security Rules: A Sign Of What's to Come?
The toughest cyber security regulations in the nation are now in place. New York has imposed new policies which aim to protect both companies and consumers.

Document Security: Is the Real Threat Coming from Within?
Increased business complexity and the proliferation of shared documents increase the risk of information security breaches.

Clearing up the Clutter with Network Security Policy Management
IT teams confront the difficult task of protecting complex networks that are subject to constant change driven by highly dynamic businesses.

Security Briefs
A look at some of the security related news items from TMCnet from the last quarter.


CEO Spotlight

What is the New Age of Telecom?
TMC spoke with Coriant CEO Shaygan Kheradpir about the progress the company has made in the four years since three prominent brands were combined to create the Coriant brand.

Unified Office CEO Talks Choices, Disruption, Innovation
Ray Pasquale, CEO and founder of managed services provider Unified Office, is a communications industry veteran. Having been a leader at such companies as Ascend, Cascade, Lucent, and Sonus, Pasquale has had a front-row seat as the networking space evolved over the years.

Product Review

Product Review: Htek UC926 IP Phone and UC46 Expansion Module
TMC Labs reviews the Htek UC926 IP Phone and UC46 Expansion Module. The Htek UC926 is a wired IP deskphone with a modern design and feature set to meet the needs of any business today.

Versa Networks: Bringing SD-WAN & Cyber Security Protection to the Branch Office
TMC Labs reviews Versa Networks Cloud IP Platform, including Versa FlexVNF, Director, and Analytics.

Corporate Profile

Telesystem: The New Name in Communications
If you are not yet familiar with the name Telesystem, you probably should be. Telesystem is a growing brand that is now going head-to-head with some of the biggest names in communications.


Cisco Working on Standalone OS
Just about everybody in this industry likes to talk about software-centric networks that allow for greater agility and economies of scale. The actual strategies and deliverables behind these conversations vary greatly, however.

ECOMP, OPEN-O Orchestration Efforts to Merge
ECOMP and Open Orchestrator Project (or OPEN-O) are merging under the new Open Network Automation Platform (ONAP) Project of The Linux Foundation.

Future NPAC Administrator iconectiv Begins Testing
Ericsson's iconectiv in mid-May began industry testing related to its future role as the nation's Local Number Portability Administrator.

How to Design Advanced Communication Infrastructure
Access to high-quality, dependable technological infrastructure doesn't start with a business' IT department - it starts with the building in which it resides.

Enterprise Communications

Human Capital Management: Analyzing the Tech Talent Gap
There's a whole lot of talk lately about the tech talent gap. This widening crevasse exists across a wide array of job types and technologies.

Telecom CEOs Face Personal Risk When Reputation Attacks Occur
When corporate reputations are damaged in today's unforgiving culture, individuals in corporate leadership take the heat as stakeholders seek satisfaction through blaming, shaming, and directing their anger and disappointment toward the most visible personification of the company they can find - usually meaning the CEO.

The Changing UC&C Supplier Landscape: Toshiba Exits, Mitel Expands & Contracts, Mavenir Resurfaces
It's not an easy time to be in the unified communications and collaboration space. As in many areas of technology, the players are changing and morphing quickly in an effort to address their own internal challenges as well as outside forces.

Enterprise Briefs
INTERNET TELEPHONY'S Enterprise Briefs give you a snapshot of many of the newsworthy happenings in enterprise communications space.


Verizon Grabs Straight Path from AT&T
Cellular spectrum has really become a game of musical chairs in recent years as the Internet of Things expands and companies jockey for control of the airwaves that will help connect the IoT.

Wireless Briefs
INTERNET TELEPHONY's Wireless Briefs gives you a quick look at what's happening in the world of wireless communications.


WebRTC: The Answer to Scalability for Remote Video and Voice Services
As the technology commanded by the average web user improves - and as easy access to video and voice channels is culturally preparing us for ubiquitous face-to-face interactions - we may be looking at a renaissance in interpersonal communications.

Developer & Open Source

Open Networks, Open for Business
Open networking offers service providers a route to much-needed rapid service deployment, agile innovation, and leaner spending.

The Channel

AVANT Helps Salespeople Become Trusted Advisors
Today every organization is - or should be - a digital business. So companies need help in selecting and implementing the right communications and networking solutions for their needs.

The Argument for Verticals
After my last column (Why Hasn't UCaaS Taken Off?) was published, Garrett Smith, former VoIP blogger and current marketer, commented: "Because what's unified for one business is not for the next. True UC requires vertical comms unification, not mass market standardization."

Channel Briefs
INTERNET TELEPHONY's Channel Briefs bring you a snapshot of the latest action around the tech channel.


2017 IT TMC Labs Innovation Awards
Welcome to the 18th annual INTERNET TELEPHONY magazine TMC Labs Innovation Awards, where we honor innovative technologies from a wide range of areas. Winners this year are quite diverse - from phones to BSS and 911 solutions. There has been emphasis on bringing solutions to market more quickly, which has obviously been enabled by the cloud.