WebRTC Continues Its Advance: Technology Promises to Deliver 'True UC'

The sun is setting on the PSTN and narrowband voice networks, while the WebRTC ecosystem and the number of solutions based on the new technology are growing. Already, WebRTC is supported on more than 1 billion endpoints, says Google...More>>>



How to Deliver VoLTE with Scalability, High Performance in the EPC
The game really changes with LTE. With the emergence of LTE, and its increased bandwidth and QoS capabilities, mobile operators can now start to deliver specific data services with more consistent performance. One example is voice over LTE. VoLTE is an operator-owned voice service offered through the user's LTE mobile data connection. It is delivered with specific performance characteristics, offering a more consistent and reliable experience to the user.

Can Wireless Devices Avoid Failures in a Crowded License-free Spectrum?
All sorts of devices - from baby monitors to building security systems - operate in the license-free spectrum of 900mHz and 2.4gHz, and the space is getting increasingly crowded. Every device has to hold its own among the conflicting radio waves from other products. It also needs to adapt to real-life conditions, such as keeping its signal strength through brick or wooden building walls, snow and rain, and a truck parked in its pathway. Even a properly operating device can be a subject to a cyber-attack, so command and control communications need to be adequately secured.

A User's View on BYOD Security
Before launching our VDI deployment and overall BYOD initiative, our major concerns were securing the devices on our network, and only allowing devices that were sanctioned by IT.

BYOD Security: Use the Internet to Protect the Internet
The answer isn't as complicated as one would expect. Attackers use a systematic process in the course of carrying out an attack campaign. This process is known as the kill chain. As attackers move from one phase of the kill chain to another, they leave behind clues about their activity. IT organizations can use this information to uncover hidden infections in what is known as network-based threat discovery.

Embracing and Defending Against BYOD
Our research has found that most of the iPhones and Android smartphones in use in the North American workplace are owned by employees, not their employers. Dropbox is used in 58 percent of organizations and many other, employee-deployed, file-sync/storage, telephony and other applications have found significant penetration in the workplace.

Open Source

FatCloud Helps Developers Move Faster
May you live in interesting times. This wish can be viewed as a blessing or a curse. It's a little bit of both if you're a software developer these days.

Drifty Helps Expedite Prototype-to-Development of Software Solutions
It's an exciting time for Ben Sperry and Max Lynch. They launched their little company just last year, and already Drifty has launched three products, been accepted into the incubator project TechStars, and gotten accolades from jQuery Mobile and Rackspace.

Network Infrastructure

OpenFlow SDN Solutions Increase Operator Flexibility
Operators are living in challenging times. They have entered an era where double-digit traffic growth is outpacing cost reductions.

Software Eats the Carrier Network
Marc Andreessen famously commented that software is eating the world. Boy, was he right.

UNSi Explodes with Growing Partner Ecosystem, Expanded Portfolio, M&A
UNSi is positioning itself to become a communications powerhouse.

Special Focus

TMC Announces IT Excellence Award Winners
These awards recognize the creators of technology that demonstrate leadership and innovation to the global industry. As part of this awards effort, INTERNET TELEPHONY recognizes companies whose products have shown improvements in its clients' business and honors the best IP communications solutions in the world.

Getting Vertical

Kansas City Cleaner Taps Sprint for Fleet Efficiency
It also uses Geotab, a large telematics supplier to enterprise fleets. Geotab offers customers the GO6, a proprietary device that connects via a J-BUS adaptor and can be used with Garmin navigation, Iridium satellite, sensors, and an expander cable called the IOX. The plug-and-play solutions from Geotab, which insert into a vehicle's OBD-II port, increase a fleet's productivity and safety, and are economical, according to the companies.

Unified Communications

ACT! Creator Finds a New Orbit
Despite his success at building a CRM leader, Muhney said he is not a fan of CRM. As big and successful as it is, the aggregate user base of all big CRM systems amounts to just 14 million people worldwide, he said, adding that there are 500 million iPhone users alone.

On Rad's Radar

Assess, Address Marketing
The big problem with most channel programs is the lack of marketing. There are three pieces usually missing from channel marketing.