Call Center Dials-Up SIP Trunking

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Call Center Dials-Up SIP Trunking

By Steven Johnson, President, Ingate Systems, Inc.  |  September 03, 2013

The high-volume, high-availability, fast pace of the large call center is ideal for SIP trunking. SIP trunks can be nimble enough for extremely fast deployments, so call centers can expand rapidly when needed. They’re also ideal for the high call volume, with SIP trunks able to route the bulk of calls over IP, resulting in call savings opportunities in moving calls to IP. And with the resiliency of IP, disaster recovery is also faster. The result: Call centers see an exceptionally fast return on their investment

Working with solutions integrator NACR, a recent Ingate deployment showed how SIP trunks can support the fast growth of a successful call center. The customer was using a heavy-duty dialer application that processed collection calls using SIP trunking. The existing E-SBC, which was limited to setting up 15 calls per second, was unable to take on the growing number of calls that needed to be made. Call denials were sent back to the dialer, which redialed the same number. The result was an increase in total call volume with reduced call throughput.

By adding an Ingate SIParator 95 to the mix, the customer was able to handle up to 1,800 concurrent voice calls and 50 call setups per second – and be well-positioned for future growth.

SIP trunks plus an E-SBC can add an enterprise-level of security that’s simply unavailable with traditional telephony: a benefit that can make all the difference for sales prospects. Also, with quality of service measures, voice quality over SIP trunks rivals that of traditional phone systems.

What about WebRTC, which many are heralding as a disruptive technology that will transform the industry? WebRTC and SIP are both protocols that are being used for unified communications applications. And with upcoming Ingate WebRTC additions to its SIParator product line, SIP and WebRTC will be able to work seamlessly together for optimal call completions and maximum cost savings. 

An E-SBC is the key that unlocks the potential of both SIP trunking and WebRTC, applying security layers, ensuring business-class voice and video quality, and paving the way for fast, simplified deployments.

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Edited by Alisen Downey