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The VAR Business Model Gets Cloudy
Another thing that gets missed is that the business model of the average VAR may not sync with cloud services. Cloud services are about monthly recurring revenue. Most VAR business models are based on upfront cash via hardware purchases.

Cloud & Data Center

Carrier Voice: Ditching Boxes for Clouds
While the overall ARPU and usage trends are making data services heir apparent, voice is still king. Chetan Sharma Consulting recently reported that 56 percent of the U.S. wireless revenue is derived from voice services.

Network Infrastructure

The Search for Value: A Short History of Charging Evolution
There was a time, before mobile, when things seemed stark and simple. Your telephone, if you had one, lived in the hall, or at the foot of the stairs. It did not ring very often. There were waiting lists for telephones and there were complaints departments.


Redefining the Possible: WebRTC's Impact on App Development
You may have assumed that the battle for Internet browser market share was fought and won a decade ago. But with the growing interest in Web Real-Time Communications, or WebRTC, as an HTML5 value-added capability, the browser wars just may be back on.


Harnessing Technology to Enable Real-Time Crime Centers
Government agencies ultimately align to one clear focus: to help our cities become places where people and businesses want to establish themselves. Government leaders understand the need to improve public safety performance continually for our cities to thrive.

Corporate, Governmental Responses to Cyber Attacks Are Making Strides
For eight years, Arbor Networks has been tracking the cyber threat landscape through our annual Worldwide Infrastructure Security Report. Of course, much has changed over that time period. The peak DDoS attack size rising from 400mbps to well over 100gbps is just the start.

How to Attack IT Security Threats
On Aug.15, 2012, Saudi Arabia's national oil and gas company, Aramco, suffered a debilitating cyber attack. More than 30,000 computers were rendered inoperable by the Shamoon virus. U.S. Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta described this virus as the most destructive weapon ever used against the business sector.

Unified Communications

Why Businesses Should Throw Out Their Old POTS
For businesses to maximize growth, they absolutely need to embrace the latest business tools and technology. One of the easiest and most fun things a business can do today to improve its image and services is to throw out its old POTS, otherwise known as plain old telephone service, and replace it with a far more flexible and affordable communications option: cloud or hosted VoIP services.


Will Enterprises Miss Out on WebRTC Innovation?
As WebRTC gathers steam in the consumer world, a growing question is whether or not enterprises will be able to take advantage of the many innovative use cases that are emerging. Sure, companies see the potential of WebRTC to deliver rich business-to-business and business-to-consumer collaboration across a range of devices and applications.

Convergence of Web, Video and Mobile Fuel Cloud Videoconferencing Growth
Videoconferencing is moving from a high-end luxury to a must-have business feature. End users expect a videoconferencing experience that is ubiquitous, cost effective and can be delivered with high quality and a guaranteed service level. There are a variety of videoconferencing solution alternatives to fulfill this growing demand, but a confluence of trends in web, video and mobile technologies is expected to specifically boost demand for cloud videoconferencing.


How to Identify Likely Hazards During LTE Network Deployments
An irony of the digital world is that the biggest of big data is being generated by the smallest of devices: smartphones, tablets and other handhelds. Photos, videos, social media posts, Internet browsing, e-commerce - just about every aspect of online activity starts with or funnels through mobile devices and networks; all this on top of voice calls and SMS messages. With the rollout of 4G LTE, data loads will only get larger and faster, potentially placing severe strains on mobile networks during the transition from 2G and 3G systems.


TMC Labs Innovation Awards UC 2013
It's rare that we have back-to-back year winners, so we were surprised to see two innovative high-end video telepresence systems from ClearOne and LifeSize win again this year with completely new products from the ones that won last year. This year marks the 14th annual TMC Labs Innovation Awards where we honor products and services that have unique and innovative features that often differentiate them from their competitors. For 2013 we have 20 TMC Labs Innovation Awards winners.

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Momentum Telecom Emphasizes the Benefits of Telecommuting
Telecommuting has evolved into a fully sustainable work model, leaving the days of water cooler conversations and punching the time clock in the past. Organizations debating the benefits of on-site vs. off-site work most recently sparked by Yahoo!'s and Best Buy's new remote work policies are wasting energy, because the home-based workforce is part of the now, and an even bigger part of the future.