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Building Support for E911 – It Takes a Village

By Nick Maier

Building support inside your organization to implement E911 is an important task. There are multiple stakeholders within your organization that will be affected in some way by the implementation of E911, and it is important to explain the project to them, identify how E911 will affect them and gain their support. Not only does this approach ensure success in the implementation phase of the project, but it is often the most important success factor in obtaining executive and financial approval to move forward with an E911 project.

Corporate Finance
The corporate finance department has a keen interest in how an E911 solution will be purchased. If, for example, your CFO has a distinct preference for using an operating lease vs. a capital purchase or capital lease, you can increase your chances of approval by presenting an E911 solution priced accordingly.

Corporate Counsel
Corporate counsel should be highly attuned to E911 compliance issues. If your company or enterprise is located in a state that has E911 laws or regulations, make sure your corporate counsel is aware of the state or county laws.

Public Safety/Security
E911 can improve emergency response within your enterprise or campus by improving on-site security response times and by directing emergency responders to the exact location of an 911 emergency. The public safety and security organization can provide specific problem definition and metrics that will allow you to quantify the risks and issues that your enterprise faces from not having E911.

Real Estate and Facilities
These departments control the physical building infrastructure and are important partners for supporting your project and helping you maintain E911 on a go forward basis. It is important that you work with them on location definitions and developing a common nomenclature for naming buildings and locations within buildings.

Information Technology
The IT organization may have the largest impact on your E911 strategy and project plans. Depending on your voice technology status regarding voice over IP, TDM, and unified communications platforms, the IT department needs to be your willing partner in the development and support of E911.

The telecommunications department is traditionally tasked with implementing E911 to support the voice network. The telecommunications department must be prepared to provide the leadership, the business case, and present the liabilities, risks and regulation surrounding E911. IT

Nick Maier is senior vice president of RedSky (News - Alert) Technologies (www.redskyE911.com).