Start Small, Think Big: Huawei's Grassroots Effort to Appeal to US Carriers

Huawei is now the world's No. 2 network equipment maker, according to Dell'Oro Group, which says it's second only to Ericsson. A few years back Huawei made headlines when it surpassed... More>>>



Enterprise Video: Solutions That Help Businesses Move to Action
While we are all familiar with the consumer trends of Netflix binge-watching, disappearing SnapChat videos, and cat videos on YouTube, a much less discussed part of the video picture is how it's impacting businesses. Nonetheless, many businesses are embracing video both for internal and external uses.


Enterprise SBCs
The enterprise session border controller market is growing in parallel with the SIP trunking and unified communications markets, as TMC's Erik Linask noted in the November issue of this magazine. Top-tier players in this product category include AudioCodes, Cisco, Edgewater, Ingate, Oracle, and Sonus.


Mobile Payments Space Heats Up - Again
Digital wallets seem to be facing a one step forward, two steps back dilemma. This technology, or technologies, captured headlines a few years back as several of the big credit card companies, the major communications service providers via their ISIS effort, and Google with Google Wallet moved to get into this space early in an effort to grab market share and mindshare in the U.S. Things haven't exactly taken off as planned, as you've probably noticed.


On Rad's Radar: The Decline of Revenue
An Infonetics study shows that videoconferencing and telepresence equipment revenue was flat from 2013 to 2014. Some of that is due to less expensive systems on the market. Over time, the retail price of equipment (think DVD players and HDTVs) drops as more units are made.


HD Voice:The Benefits of Wideband Audio Are Clear
It's the classic conference call fail: You join a very intense company-wide call to discuss business earnings. The call connection may start off pretty solid, but soon enough C-level executive voices start cutting in and out every couple of minutes. The result is four more people talking over each other, trying to point out that others are cutting in and out.

Strategic Solutions Series

Denwa Provides Simple, All-in-One UC Solutions
Denwa is a unified communications company that delivers all-in-one solutions that are simple to buy and easy to use. INTERNET TELEPHONY recently spoke with Diego Ghione, Denwa Technology Corp.'s CEO, to learn more.

Special Focus

TMC Names WebRTC Product of the Year Award Winners
INTERNET TELEPHONY magazine and its parent company, TMC, recognize some of the top movers in shakers in real-time communications with the 2015 WebRTC Product of the Year Awards.